Dennis Szymanski ’70
Hillwood Ave.
Falls Church, VA 22042-2420
Next Reunion: 45
, 2015 (
cluster with ’69, ’71)
Heidi Hansen
reported on the summer Alumni
Council meetings at Canaras.
Jan Hunt Williams
Chris Brandy
were there too, “giving the
Class of '70 three members on the Council,” Heidi
noted. “This was Chris's first meeting; Jan heads
up the Advancement & Engagement Committee.”
Laurentians from many classes, family mem-
bers, friends and neighbors came to Mahopac,
N.Y., to celebrate the life of Delong "Bud" Kellogg
father to
Jeff Kellogg
and David '74.
Lajeskie, Randy Bobb
and Arlis,
Andy Kaye,
Jim Colclough
and I came to honor his memory.
Also in attendance were Rob Salinger '69, Audrey
Johnson Mineo '68, Kay Williams Kellogg '68 and
Bobbi Williams '72.
Rick and Stephanie ventured to South Africa
last summer. Daughter Allison, a rising junior at
The American University inWashington, D.C., was
studying in Cape Town. After ensuring Allison was
attending class, they took off on safari for several
days in Kruger National Park and then took in Vic-
toria Falls before heading home.
Earlier in the summer, Andy Kaye and Jim Bene-
dict '71 hosted Sigma Pi brothers from the Classes
of '70 and '71 at Jim's place on Chenango Lake,
N.Y., for a long weekend. Rick Lajeskie, Jim Col-
John Hartmann,Jim Liotta, Neil Me-
tevia, Jim Nealy, Don Rigabar, Joe Bascom,
Larry Riley
Mark Witman'71, Marty Buckoski '71
and Rob Sylvester '69 enjoyed golf, fishing and
the camaraderie of old friends getting together.
Wende Butler Brock
and Roger ’69 have retired
to Maine where they live in an "old but redone
Victorian in a tiny village just 15 minutes from our
camp, half an hour to Portland, and half an hour
to the beach. Life is good. Our daughter Liz had
her first child, Dylan Clay Carpenter, on May 1, so
that makes four wonderful grandsons! She's in her
second year of vet school at Cornell. Dan is still in
San Francisco, and Joe in Hawthorne, N.Y. While
our visits are infrequent, they are always fun."
For news of A. "Smitty" Hughes and Jane Garvey
see the ’69 space, above.
James P. Snedeker ’71
Linden Tree Road
Wilton, CT 06897
Next Reunion: 45
, 2015 (
cluster with ’69, ’70)
Donna Christian
relates that after 16 years as
executive director (and 36 years on staff), she
moved to senior fellow status at the Center for
Applied Linguistics, a non-profit organization in
Washington, D.C. She continues to consult on
some projects there, but now has time to work
on publications, do volunteer activities, and take
advantage of the many interesting things to do in
the D.C., area, and is greatly enjoying that flexibil-
ity. She and her husband like to travel (especially
educational travel, as with Road Scholar). They’re
heading to Poland later this year. Donna spent
two years in Poland as a Fulbright professor, 1979-
and so looks forward to returning.
Marthia “Muffy” House
John Charlebois
wrote that after retiring from his position as prin-
cipal of an elementary school in the Potsdam
area, John then supervised student teachers for
Potsdam College for some five years. He is now
focused on restoring a 1929 Model A mail truck
and has a couple of other Model A restorations in
the works. He loves his tractor, their barn, fishing
and playing hockey with fellow “old” guys. Muffy
recently retired from teaching grades five and six.
Her teaching career followed her work in St. Law-
rence admissions, where somany of us remember
her warmth and genuine interest in the students
and their families.
BothMuffy and John are busy withmany projects
at home and at camp on Lake Titus. They do some
volunteering and cross country skiing, and have
dabbled with writing. Their daughter, Cary, lives
and teaches in the Boston area. Their son Jack and
his wife and two children, Hannah, 7, and Ryan,
and their youngest, Lindsay ’04, her husband
Frank and twins Johnny and Tessa, are with Muffy
and John often. Muffy conveys that “All is well in
the North Country for the Charlebois family!”
Bonnie Guiden
Don Clark
live in Wil-
liamstown, Mass. Don is the utilities program
manager at Williams College and Bonnie is the
manager of physician and community relations at
Northern Berkshire Healthcare. In seeking to find
the balance between work and play they man-
age to spend a great deal of time in Lake Placid,
where their son, Brad '99, is the sports develop-
ment manager at the Olympic Regional Devel-
opment Authority. Brad has two young sons, so
Don and Bonnie have entered the grandparent
world. Their daughter Maggie (Williams College
is working on her Ph.D. in education in Santa
Cruz, Calif., andwas to relocate to Catskill, N.Y., this
summer with her husband. Both Bonnie and Don
continue to play golf, bike, and love canoeing in
the Adirondacks.
Bill Christ
greatly enjoys his position as a full-
time faculty member at Trinity University in San
Antonio, Texas. In 2010 he stepped down as chair-
man of the Department of Communication. Then,
in 2012 he passed the baton as general manager
of the school's radio station, KRTU, to a colleague.
I read
Dan Bloomer
s update with great interest
particularly because I remember his father, “The
Rock Doc,” so vividly as an extraordinary teacher
and outstanding person. It seems that Dan was
hardwired to pursue the career he did as a geo-
physicist. He married his high school sweetheart,
Barbara McCarthy, after attending Georgia Tech
for his master’s degree in geophysics. Then, he
worked as an exploration geophysicist with ARCO
in 1973. He is still in the oil business and has lived
in Lafayette, La. for 35 years. He says the oil busi-
ness is very cyclical so 10 years ago, after multiple
cycles, corporate mergers, buyouts and/or “re-
structurings,” with the usual offers and/or threats
to move the Bloomers, Dan says, “We started our
own company, Kitty Hawk Energy, and have been
successful primarily working in old fields looking
for remaining reserves.”
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