Cemetery and placed a wreath on the grave of her
husband, Dana Mitchell ’61. Some may remem-
ber that Harriet and I went to high school togeth-
er and it was I who introduced her tomy fraternity
brother, Dana, a Vietnam fallen hero.
Another recurring theme is grandchildren.
Miriam Plitt
celebrated the first birthday of
their latest grandkids, twins Rebecca and Ethan,
at the end of April. Just prior to that, Art was
among the Red Cross first aid responders to the
Boston Marathon terror attack. Art and Miriam
spend quite a bit of volunteering, for which your
reporter gives them a big thumbs up! Art co-
chairs the Palliative Care workgroup for the Part-
nership to Reduce Cancer in Rhode Island, and is a
member of the Board of Directors and its Summit
Planning Committee.
Sadly, not all recurring themes are happy ones.
I am sorry to report the passing in the spring of
Doug Dreghorn
John Loehr
Please turn to
the“InMemory”section of thismagazine for more.
Leah Kollmer Puzzo ’63
Hillcrest Avenue
Leonia, NJ 07605-1508
Next Reunion: 55
, 2018
The 50th reunion was a huge success! What fun
the 82 members of the class had! And we had a
participation rate for donations!! Most of us
stayed in Dean-Eaton, which brought back many
memories of freshman year.
Varick Chittenden
helped organize an oral history project for the
class, and invited people to be recorded, and one
group –
JonathanMarsh, Ann Jacobson Dixon,
Karen Allred Quinn, Ellen Johnson Kern, John
Freilich, John Bell
Barney Burrall ’66,
and I — remembered how different the
freshman experience was for the girls and boys…
the girls locked up in Dean-Eaton and the boys
running wild outside!
Classmates who came the farthest were
Albrecht Franta
and her husband, Emile, from
Alsace, France, where they have lived for many
Katy Buckton Russell
and husband John
from Alderney in the Channel Islands of Britain;
Sue Scherwin
from Girdwood, Alaska.
sy Watts
Ray Olsen
who came back from
Kansas, met in Appleton Arena at a hockey game
and have been together ever since! One who
travelled the least, Varick Chittenden, hosted an
enjoyable reception at his Traditional Arts in Up-
state NewYork (TAUNY) regional arts and cultural
center in downtown Canton.
We also were fortunate to have
John Perry
friends entertain us for two evenings. John writes,
The Perrys had a wonderful time at the Reunion.
Great to connectwithold friends, and Imeanold!....”
After the Reunion, several classmates took extra
trips before returning home.
Sue Welles Appel
Mibs Wagner
went to Ottawa for a few days
to visit and cool off from the heat of Canton.
Cooke Toettcher
visited Shelburne, Vt.; Hanover
to visit Fred’s alma mater, Dartmouth; and Boston
for a lovely visit with her son and his family. Mike
Schneider and his wife took a much-needed rest-
ful trip to Europe. Thank you, Mike, for your fine
MCing at the dinner!! Jonathan Marsh headed
back to California to one last class at the Fromm
Institute for Lifelong Learning.
Doug Brown
and Mary Lou M’73 were prepar-
ing for Lake Placid’s busy summer schedule of
golf tournaments, tennis, boating, water skiing,
benefit events, and the grandboys’ activities. The
Browns were looking forward to a cruise along
the coast of Maine, November golfing in South
Carolina and a winter ski trip.
Bob Rosenberg
writes,“A special thanks toMike
Schneider for talking
John Angelo
and Judy Hart
and me into returning to Canton for a great
two and half days…for me, the first time in 50
years. Those who were there did not seem to be
in their 70s…so full of life…and a really classy
group. Seeing John and Tony Perry, Jack Jobes
Don Fanning ’61,
Frank Taylor
Mike Schnei-
Joel Stoesser
Buster Walden ’64 and all the
women who wouldn’t date me 50 years ago was
a thrill. Men’s Res seemed smaller, the Phi Sig
house less Sig-nificant, and Main Street much
shorter. However, the campus and the heart of
SLU, under President Bill Fox ’75, seem bigger
and more open.”
Charlie Purcer
said he’s spent his career in the
securities industry, and is still enjoying it. “I have
been blessed with a wonderful family, my wife,
Midge, of 47 years and four children,” he said.
We are grandparents seven times over. We lived
in Connecticut for 30 years and 10 years ago we
moved to near Williamsburg, Va. Our door is al-
ways open and the light is on. Please let us know
if you’re in the area.”
Some thoughts on the reunion from other
Alan Pritchard
: “
It was a real mountain-top.
Always amazes me how good our long-term
years) memory is and how weak our short-
term (now, where was I going with this? Oh yes
memory) is becoming. Thanks for the memo-
ries—all of them—I think…”
Walt Shannon
: “
Kudos to Joe, Kim and the
Ann Breitner O’Reilly
and Arnie ’65: “It’s just
like being home again and that is why we settled
in the North Country. There is nothing more
beautiful and calming than being in the real
Northern NewYork.”
Rocco Pangallo
: “
Karen commented on the
friendly and warm reception given to the
spouses and significant others by the reunion
participants and staff.”
Gene Simonsen
: “
I had a great time after 50
years, seeing old friends and the beautiful spring-
time campus of SLU.”
Tom Hanewald
: “
President Fox ended his ad-
dress by saying,‘welcome home.’ I felt it! Couldn’t
help remembering, ‘growing old is inevitable,
growing up is optional.’ Best to all!”
Thank you, St. Lawrence, for the wonderful
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