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Next Reunion: 55
, 2015
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Next Reunion: 55
, 2016
The prize for the“Long-Time-No-Hear-From”goes
Mary Frogner Lutz
who writes, “If anyone is
wintering in the Destin, Fla., area, we’re good tour
guides. Bored with golf/leisure, I became a master
gardener andmaster naturalist. I am coordinating
a fabulous project at the local college campus: a
native plant demonstration garden, trail and wild-
flower meadow. Finally found my niche: a bona-
fide tree hugger/bird watcher!”
I forwarded a copy of Mary’s trail guide to
Linderoth Taylor
since she and John ’59 are
working on a similar project in Colorado, putting
up signs with the common name and Latin name
for various shrubs, trees, groundcovers and flow-
ering plants. In March, they went to Asiago, Italy,
for the Nordic World Masters and in April they
skied with their daughters and granddaughters
in Colorado. Patti then had a hip replacement
and six weeks later was hiking, though slower
than usual! Pat agrees with Mary about being
disenchanted with leisure. She’s on a library
board and a conservation easement board for
the Continental Divide Land Trust.
Life continues to treat me well,” declares
Last winter he and Judy went scuba
diving in Cancun; he spent the summer again in
Alaska, in the Juneau Icefield, and is planning a
trip to Machu Picchu this fall. Although retired
for six years, Jay continues his interest in glaciers,
glaciation and climate change. “I feel it’s part of
my job now to translate the science for the pub-
lic, so I accept speaking invitations locally and on
campuses where colleagues are still fulltime,” he
says. “One of my relatively new interests pertain-
ing to geology is to participate in public discus-
sions related to the fracking process to retrieve
natural gas from shale in central New York, as has
been done in Pennsylvania, where the environ-
mental horror stories abound. Understandably,
profit drives utilization of resources, but often at
the expense of the environment, so I try to help
strike a balance.”
Floyd Sandford
continues to work on his acre-
age in northeast Iowa, to increase the biodiver-
sity and provide sanctuary for wildlife. In the
spring he planted 30 more trees and set out 20
honeybee hives. In May he and Sharon vaca-
tioned in the Asheville, N.C., area and then saw
their daughter, Susan, graduate with a master’s
in environmental science from Duke University.
Floyd was planning some long-distance hiking
in England in September, including a 12-day solo
hike of the CotswoldWay.
After 20 wonderful years of self-employment in
San Francisco,”
Steve Anderson
is retiring from
his firm, Marquis Advisory Group LLC, at the end
of December. But he’s not really retiring — just
going solo with a specific focus on journalism,
leadership and education. While reminiscing,
Steve came up with some thoughts that would
have been perfect for our 50th Reunion Memory
Book – arriving in town on the Canton Creeper in
and walking to the campus; the ’50s style
social networking” when the freshman class
stood in a big circle, the women tossed one shoe
into a pile, and the men picked a shoe and found
its mate; and the physician who would prescribe
amphetamines. (Didn’t we call these “Schaffer
Awards”?) Steve said, “The last time I saw
was at her wedding, which included some
of my favorite people, including (the late)
Even in the small-world category things happen
in threes – a young woman saw my St. Lawrence
t-shirt and said several of her friends went there.
Next I passed another young woman wearing her
SLU garb – Class of 2012. Then at a meeting a
woman noticed my folder with St. Lawrence im-
printed. Her best friend fromgrade school is Carol
Pratt Hecklinger ’64!
Fred Hecklinger
says Carol
and Dick ’65 are living in Alexandria, Va. Fred and
Peggy Corin ’62 are “doing well in our new home
at Asbury Methodist Village, a continuing care re-
tirement community in Gaithersburg, Md. It is a
good place for us at this point in our lives and it is
very close to John, Katie, and our grandsons Miles,
and Henry, 3.”
Continuing with “chance encounters,”
Sperzel Clark
ran into Barry ’60 and Ruth Carling
Budlong ’59 at an airport. Last winter she and Bill
stayed in PalmDesert, Calif. Carole’s neighbor was
recently selected to be president of the Connecti-
cut League of Women Voters, and
Lucy Prescott
interviewed her for the position.
The Class of 1961 has our own Angelina Joli.
Nancyann Orth
has undergone similar treat-
ments after genetic tests revealed she carried
a BRCA1 gene. Nancy had surgery, chemo and
radiation. She’s doing very well and is gardening
like crazy! She had a lovely time in April when
her daughter and granddaughters visited. This
fall Nancy will visit them in Marseille, France, af-
ter she and her cousin take a Viking River cruise
from Kiev to Odessa.
Nancy reports that
Madge Grace Wells
David take turns being in California with their
daughter, Kiersten, who suffered a stroke last fall.
She has some new physical therapists who pre-
dict full recovery. Fabulous news!
On a winter vacation,
Marion Bessey Hart
Doug spent a night with
Claire Schwennker
In May, Marion and her daughter, Susan,
took a wonderful cruise to Bermuda. ThenMarion
and Doug spent the summer at their lake cottage
outside of Troy.
Natalie Beaumont
reports that she is feeling
better than ever and picking up again on more
dancing without taking expensive, private les-
sons. She also helps a former ESL (English as a
Second Language) student write out some ways
to describe in English some of the Qi Gung posi-
tions and movements.
Ken Shilkret
was elected his American Legion
post’s adjutant and treasurer. He continues writ-
ing the newsletter and running the weekly Burger
and Dog Night during the summer. He enjoys
visits in Pennsylvania with his children and grand-
children and plays golf every chance he gets, still
trying for that elusive hole-in-one.
During Reunion Weekend, our class was repre-
sented by
Jack Jobes
Tony Perry
who were
there for John Perry’s 50th.
Connie Meng
have been there, too, right?
Dave Walton
tended with his wife, Karen MacDonald, who was
also celebrating the half-century mark.
As for our Class Notes,
Mary Frogner Lutz
summed it up: “Hopefully some others of our
classmates who’ve been mostly silent for 52 years
will surface now that emails are so much easier
than the arduous task of putting pen to paper.”
You know who you are. I hope to hear from you
for our next column.
SteveWahl ’62
E. Soaring Eagle
Scottsdale, AZ 85266-1280
Next Reunion: 55
, 2017
Anne Henehan Oman
reports the birth of her
first grandchild. Born in February, Theodore Rus-
sell Manternach resides in Brooklyn with his par-
ents. Anne is a reporter-at-large for the
dina Observer
an online weekly in Fernandina
Beach, Fla., where she and Ralph live fromOctober
through May. It's very part-time work and doesn't
impinge on her painting, beachcombing and oth-
er pursuits. If all goes as planned, by the time this
is published the Omans will have returned from a
summer trip to Madrid and Marrakesh.
World travel seems to be a theme among many
of us.
Moe Brown
relates that he and Harriet cel-
ebrated their 50th anniversary with a marvelous
trip to Italy after attending our reunion last year.
Also like many of us, they have retired to a condo.
No more lawn mowing!
Vivian and I took the trip of a lifetime in March,
to South Africa, a land of contrasts. From lovely
Capetown, we visited the Cape of Good Hope
and also visited Robben Island to see the prison
in which Nelson Mandela was held for 19 years.
Johannesburg appears stuck in the past, but the
country’s wine region is beautiful and prosper-
ous. We stayed at a game preserve where we saw
lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, rhinos, zebras,
giraffes, hyenas andmore. It’s hard to believe that
our safari vehicle could drive within 10 feet of any
of these wild animals without their taking notice
my photos are on Facebook).
The Wahls were pleasantly surprised this spring
by a brief visit from Ruth Carling ’59 and Barry
Budlong ’60, who were exploring Arizona. We
love visits and everyone loves Arizona!
It was nice to hear from
Harriet Butler Boy-
who joined our class in our junior year. In
December she volunteered at Snowball Express
in Dallas, an event for children of the fallen in the
attacks. She also rode in the Wreaths Across
America convoy fromMaine to Arlington National