hula dancer, and no wonder. Music is in her pres-
ent. Char spends the winter in Florida participat-
ing in a dance band, playing the organ for her
church and accompanying a chorus in her park.
She does grab some time at the beach whenever
she can. However, she looks forward to the trip
north because it provides the opportunity to see
her two newgreat-grandbabies. Congratulations,
A few classmates live relatively close to Canton.
Ellen McDonald Magee
was able to make the
trip over from Morristown. Family obligations
made hers a last-minute decision, but it was good
to see her. Sometimes it is more difficult for those
who live closest to make the commitment. Not so
Lois Langtry
the arrival of a newgrand-
daughter threw a monkey wrench in her plans.
A number of online chats with
Rich Boyd
abled him and Phyllis to arrive on time and
without incident. In the mid-80s, Rich and Phyl-
lis visited their daughter in Hilton Head, where
she had taken a new job at the Hyatt. She was
transferred, but they loved the area. They are
now residents and use their home in western
New York as a summer cottage June through
September. They have enjoyed tours abroad to
Europe and China and domestically to Hawaii,
Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.
A couple of my old roommates and I shared
more than a few memories and a lot of laughs
over the weekend. Although we were unsuc-
cessful in luring
Carol Kleinsmith Newton
to the Hill, we will not give up! Phil and
Blair Nangle
were decked out appropriately, and
she looked especially dashing in the grass skirt.
Except for a quick visit to the ER on Sunday morn-
ing for Phil, it was good to share and add to our
SLU history. Family in Maine and New York City
lure them north from Carolina a few times a year.
A second roomie,
Claire McGarrahan Strang
Bob and grandson Matt Dudley ’14 were contrib-
utors to a fine weekend as well. Claire continues
to challenge her bridge partners and refuses to
miss a Zumba class.
Jack Buchanan
sent an update along with his
regrets at missing Reunion. He received a Life-
time Achievement Award for his books on the
Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution,
at a Revolutionary War symposium in Greens-
boro, N.C. Jack will be traveling to South Carolina
in the fall to give a paper on “Modern Myths of
the Southern Campaign” at another symposium.
At an alumni reception in New York City, he saw
Vinnie ’55 and
Judy Lennon Cashman
He also
mentioned something about feeling like Methu-
selah, but I am brushing off that remark.
For a brief time,
Dick Gilbert
thought he
might get off with an absolutely work-free
Reunion Weekend, but not so. At the last
minute, at the Service of Remembrance he
was called upon to deliver the final remarks.
As usual, he was stellar. As many times as
Dick has tried to retire and concentrate exclu-
sively on his writing, the church keeps put-
ting him to work in one role or another. He
and Joyce find plenty to keep them involved
and busy, but always make time to enjoy the
grandchildren, who live nearby.
Rod ’59 and
Dodie Potts Giltz
were as relieved
as I was that the weather did not turn against us.
We certainly recall the 50th, marching around
the Quad in the pouring rain, watching our signs
disintegrate in the deluge. Beautiful weather this
time made the shorter trip a treat.
Bill Lewis
Trish were a wonder to behold and
Bill McKeon
was in the hospitality room bright and early
to help get everything ready. I did not spend
enough time with
Carl Herskind
Don Curtis
Alan Eccleston
but I hope they will each send
me a note with an update on their activities.
I really looked forward to seeing
and was disappointed that we did not have time
for a longer visit. George was a groomsman when
Bernie and I were married in 1959, and he sent me
a truly thoughtful note before the reunion.
Missing were usual reunioners
Bob Lyle, Marg
Hannon Keeney, B J Dunlap Erhard, Jolene
Holt Fuhrmann
Judy Cashman Lennon
Youweremissed. In addition, our condolences go
out to
Honey Jore
Tim, Casey Moore, and all of
Bjorna’s family and friends for their loss. Our good
thoughts, love and positive energy are being sent
to you collectively and individually.
For me, the weekend was a whirlwind of activity,
friends, and family. All of my children and three
of my grandchildren attended the presentation
of my Alumni Citation in the chapel. Pris Harvey
Schroeder ’56 and her daughter Sue came all the
way from California to attend.
Peter Van de Wa-
fulfilled a promise and made it to the chapel
in time. Lucy Tower ’56 and Fred Funke ’56 and
Sally and Don Chirlin ’59 drove up that day from
the Norwich area. Special appreciation must go
to my daughter Christy McKinnon Cooper ’84 and
granddaughters Corey and Brady ’15 for their par-
ticipation in the seminar I led.
Now, take up pen, pencil, computer, ipad, what-
ever, and send me your news because before we
know it, the next column will be due, and I will
once again be plaguing you with an SOS.
Linda Marlow Castle ’59
P.O. Box 766
Honeysuckle Hill
Lexington, VA 24450
Next Reunion: 55
May 29-June 1, 2014
Our last formal reunion is coming up next
June—our 55th!
Ruth Budlong
and I both plan
to attend. Jack and I are looking forward to it. If
you were not at our 50th, we urge you to be at
this one. Call your friends and encourage them
to make a call or two. We also urge you to have
your donation to St. Lawrence include the num-
ber five—from $5 to $5,000, no amount is too
small or too large!
Do you have a son or daughter who is
starting to look at colleges?
Plan a visit to St. Lawrence and learn
about Laurentian Legacy Grants:
The Class of 1963 enjoyed a large turnout for its 50th Reunion and induction into the Honor Guard.
For more, visit