Sarasota. He was on an Alaskan cruise this sum-
mer, which certainly evoked memories of his days
in the military after graduation.
Mimi and I were in Canton for the 2013 Reunion.
We enjoyed the Honor Guard dinner.
The Class of '53 was enjoying its 60th Reunion,
and watching them made me anxious to get
started on our 60th, which will take place in 2014
May 29-June 1). I will be in touchwith you as soon
as we have a committee lined up. Mimi, game gal
that she is, made the tripwith her left leg in a brace
following a fall at home which fractured her knee
cap ("patella" if
Jack Palmer
expects the technical
term). I am pleased to report that she was back
swimming and working out by early June.
Chuck Woodell
and I will be joining our 1958
Watertown football team for its 15th annual gath-
ering at Henderson Harbor, N.Y. I hope your sum-
mer was enjoyable and productive.
Connie Doughty Knies ’55
Westgate Blvd.
Plandome, NY 11030-1452
Next Reunion: 60
, 2015 (
cluster with ’56)
Greetings classmates! Hope you all had a lovely,
relaxing summer. I was happy to have heard from
Barbara Brown Young
who went in June with
Arlene Mandeville Wittwer
to Hawaii to visit
Lynn Ruthven Rogers
on Oahu. They stayed
about 12 days, celebrating their big 80th birth-
days. I guessmost of us are passing that landmark
this year. I don’t know about you, but I never in-
tended to get old and am objecting vigorously!
Peg Geyh Rassmussen
emailed that she was in
the middle of downsizing and putting her Cape
Cod house on the market. She said she “Plans
to take sand in my shoes when I transfer to Pio-
neer Valley, across the Commonwealth.” She, too,
celebrated her 80th birthday and pleaded for a
non–event, but her two sons thought she needed
more stuff and presented her, among other gifts,
with the pilot script of
Downton Abbey
by the cast, together with a ticket to Clere Castle
where the series was filmed. Except for a “revi-
sion” of her replaced hip joint, she has kept clear
of hospitals and states that she“expects the com-
ing decade to be my greatest adventure!” How’s
that for resisting“old?”
Geni Boyd Hurd
has gone on Caribbean cruises
for the past three years, along with the Knieses,
and goes to Atlanta to visit her Dutch sister-in-law
eachChristmastime. She related that several years
ago, a girl that she had taught in eighth grade in
West Islip, Long Island, by then a reporter for the
Atlanta Journal,
had written an article about what
an inspiring and influential teacher Geni had
been. As a result of Geni’s shining example, Carole
Ashkinaze Kay ’66 went to St. Lawrence.
I had a nice chat with
Vivienne “Sistie” Sime
early in the summer. She and Tommy ’54
have – count ’em – 16 grandchildren ranging in
age from 27 to 1! Sistie has a granddaughter, Mi-
chaela ’15, at St. Lawrence. Not surprisingly, Sistie
andTom spend a good portion of their time head-
ing to ballet recitals, lacrosse games, grandparents’
days and graduations. But happy travels those!
I started off the summer with a lovely garden trip
to the Riviera with the Long Island Horticulture
Society, accompanied by my sister, Betsy Dough-
ty McMann ’60. In June, Dick ’54 and I went on
an antique car tour in Rutland, Vt., and later in
the summer we took our 1910 Buick for a tour
around Woodstock, Ontario. A crazy hobby – to
drive 103-year-old vehicle for hundreds of miles
on back roads – but I guess it takes all kinds! Our
form of objection to“old”perhaps?
I had a nice chat with happily retired (fromdoing
this column)
Joyce Sullivan Thompson
in June.
She keeps busy with her three local daughters
and seven local grandchildren. She’s not quite up
to Sistie’s level, with 11 total – but still a notable
number! When I spoke about my garden trip, she
said that over the years she had planted pink rho-
dodendrons in her neighboring woods – and kept
doing it. Now there is a glorious border with some
plants more than two stories high. Contrary to our
observations, she has found time to do things oth-
er than nurture her family and boost St. Lawrence!
On this “old” theme, maybe we should be think-
ing of our legacies and having St. Lawrence in
consideration? Alma mater has been very good
to us and we are grateful.
Have a great fall. Wouldn’t you like to see YOUR
name in print? Especially you guys – what are you
doing out there? I’d love to be able to relate your
news. Email me – or have a grandchild help you
do it. No“too old”excuses!
Priscilla Harvey Schroeder ’56
Windbrook Court
Westlake Village, CA 91361-3538
Next Reunion: 60
, 2016 (
cluster with ’55)
After completing some graduate work in musi-
Eleanor RansomKulleseid
turned to the
world of libraries and became a school librarian,
then a library director at Bank Street College of
Education and Mercy College. She has lived hap-
pily in Manhattan all these years, raised her two
children there, and is now enjoying retirement.
She also has been singing with two choruses for
nearly 40 years, and loves to play four-hand piano
with friends whose hearing protects them from
too much frustration. Theater, concerts and mu-
seums keep Eleanor busy, as well as home enter-
tainment with friends.
Ernie Mazza
writes, “It sounds as though quite
a few of our class is ready for 2016 – I know I am.”
He stays in regular contact with
Dave Powers
They get silly at times; some things never change.
Nancy Purcell Murphy
Dolly Fletcher
and George ’55 are also regular contacts.
Like Dave, Ernie stays as active as possible with
music. He works with his son Dave, who plays
guitar, and his wife, Mary, sings with them. Un-
fortunately, the type of music they play is in less
demand these days. Congratulations toMary and
Ernie as they celebrating their 56th anniversary
and she promised him that she would renew his
contract for the next year!
Ernie is one of many who look forward to the
magazine – it puts a smile on his face. Such
wonderful memories!
Phil Boname
lives in West Vancouver, British
Columbia. He purchased a farm on Vancouver
Island. His work is his hobby and his company is
an international urban development consulting
firm that takes him all over the world: Asia, the
Middle East, Europe and North America, includ-
ing San Francisco.
Howard Elkins
also traveled internationally on
business and logged 7+ million miles. He is re-
tired from his venture capital business (buys and
invests in companies). His daughter lives in Paris,
so they travel back and forth for visits.
Andy Direnga Hart
and Bern met their daugh-
ter in Chicago over the Christmas holiday. They
enjoyed an evening with
Marlys Manning
and Bill ’58 as their granddaughter was
performing with the traveling Rockettes in Chi-
cago. Andy also visited
Nancy Hoyt Patterson
Elaine “Tiger” Rhodes Schriever
in Florida.
Jan Knost
writes from Charlestown, R. I., saying
their home asks for time for gardens, for lawn care,
for fruit tree husbandry, for his vegetable garden
and Lorna’s flowers.They have nine grandchildren
and two step-grandchildren. Jan was elected to
the Charlestown Planning Commission for a six-
year term. Lorna remarked that“they’ll be carting
you to town hall in a wheelbarrow by then!” He
also continues to serve as chaplain for his Mason-
ic Lodge in Boston. It’s the Lodge of St. Andrew,
where the Boston Tea Party was planned and
executed. Paul Revere was its Worshipful Master
thrice. Jan also preaches at area Unitarian-Uni-
versalist churches. They live on the Rhode Island
coast, where fishing, both fresh and salt-water, is
one of his passions. They plan a trip on Amtrak’s
Autotrain to see his brother and some high school
friends in New Orleans.
Have you recently changed jobs
or been promoted?
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updated company bio illustrates
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