Barbara Robertson Mitchell ’52
Pepperidge Road
Morristown, NJ 07960-2532
Next Reunion: 65
, 2017
Preston Carlisle
says his son Rick played lots
of basketball with St. Lawrence basketball play-
ers when he lived near Canton, such as George
Hughes ’80, our President Bill Fox '75 and oth-
ers. Rick played at the University of Maine and
the University of Virginia, and then for the NBA’s
Boston Celtics, New York Knicks and New Jersey
Nets. Since 2008, he has been the Dallas Maver-
icks’head coach.
We learned in the spring of the deaths some time
ago of a couple of classmates:
Jack P. Dederick
died on Oct. 10, 2003. He
majored in physical education and was a mem-
ber of the football team and Alpha Epsilon Rho,
radio honorary.
William J. Montgomery
died on June 22,
He majored in business administration and
was with KSLU.
More recently,
Sigurd L. Gulbrandsen
May 15, 2012. He also majored in business admin-
istration and was a member of Gamma Omega,
University Choir and the Laurentian Singers. And
Robert R. Packer
passed away on Jan. 6, 2013; he
was an Army veteran fromWorldWar II.
I had a call from Henrietta Westlye, wife of
O. Westlye
that he died on May 13, 2013. John
put up a strong fight after his stroke and battles
with cancer. John was a member of Alpha Tau
Omega fraternity and a varsity hockey player.
Our sympathy is extended to all the families of
those class members listed above who are no
longer with us.
I talked with Gina Potter Jacobsen '55, whose
daughter, Mattie, was to graduate from Duke in
May. My grandson, Luke, was majoring in eco-
nomics there, as she was, and I thought it would
be wonderful to meet her there. I wanted to
Mary Lou Cole Attarian
in a picture of
three Kappas from St. Lawrence University at
Duke. I did not have any luck with United Airlines,
but watched the ceremony on the Internet.
Have a wonderful autumn with no
weather calamities.
Lois ShaverWells ’53
PO Box 22
Ogdensburg, NY 13669
Next Reunion: 65
, 2018
Our 60th Reunion is now but a pleasant memory.
About two dozen classmates gathered to enjoy the
events during summer-like weather. Amidst par-
ticipating in the many activities, there was much
reminiscing and talking about future adventures.
The ADPi’s and the Phi Sigs were well represented.
Frank Lewis
had a display of many, many pic-
tures of our college days at the reception before
the class dinners. Frank was a ski patroller in col-
lege, and is a retired physical education teacher.
His home is in northern New York, but he spends
the summer at his lake home in New Hampshire.
Ruth Rundquist Meyer
a former class reporter,
reports that she started playing the viola four
years ago after playing the violin for many years
four of them in the orchestra at St. Lawrence).
Ruth said, "This move was to keep my brain from
aging since I had to learn a different clef." Ruth
plays in a quartet and a chamber orchestra. Hus-
band Dick plays the saxophone.
Arthur “Cap” Pearson
VanVoorhis Brush
and their committee did a su-
per job on the "giving back" part of the reunion.
Not only was the class monetary goal exceeded,
but our class also received the Highest Participa-
tion Award; 58 percent made a gift to the Annual
Fund. Many thanks to all! Cap, a retired ob/gyn
doctor, and his wife, Judy, were celebrating the
acceptance of their granddaughter, Heidi, into
St. Lawrence's Class of 2017.
Nancy claimed that reunion was a wonder: "60
years and still vital." She and her husband, John
Parker, are still travelling, sailing and enjoying
their combined 18 grandchildren.
Sam Whiting
was glad he attended. He had
lots of great contacts with old SLUites."
Howie Splete
retired in 1965 after a lengthy
career in education at public schools and uni-
versities. He enjoys Road Scholar tours and
SLU reunions.
Al Ray
and Ginny came from Vermont. Al said
he was "very glad to be back for the 60th and
talk to all the old(?) Phi Sigs. Hope to see you all
at the 65th."
Jean Covell Powers
from Thousand Palms,
Calif., was present. She said she enjoyed the re-
union very much.
Dick Anderson
looks forward to coming again.
He commented, "Vision is seeing what can be.
St.Lawrence's achievement is helping assure that
what we have seen is what will be."
Claire Edwards Davies
came from Colorado.
She said it was "fantastic to see so many old
friends at a great reunion."
Cynthia Hillery Donovan
hadn't been back
to campus since the 40th Reunion and found it
amazing to see what had taken place. She was
glad "to see old friends well represented, most of
us still mobile with our memories intact."
Nathalie Norton Lewis
said it was good to see
all at the reunion and hopes to see all again in
five years. "We are still boating and clamming,"
she reported.
Joan Horton Mackey
said, "Life is good. Being
back at SLU with so many friends has been a joy.
Here's to the 65th!"
Donald Horton
retired from his dental practice
in Peekskill, N.Y., a while ago. He and his wife en-
joyed the reunion.
Cally Pruyn Hudson
were at the
th. Kirk mentioned celebrating "21 years with
Hope House in Utica, N.Y., for the hungry. Aver-
age meals served, 10,000-plus per month. It is the
most fulfilling part of my life." Kirk and Cally have
had their 60th wedding anniversary, with their
three children. Their last grandson graduated
from law school in May.
Ann Danehy McKenna
commented that "Re-
tirement is wonderful. I'm enjoying children,
grandchildren, church, gardening and life!"
Ruth Rundquist Meyer ’53
right) is a regular volunteer with Mobile Foodshare of Hartford,
Conn., helping distribute fresh produce like the cucumbers she was handing out last summer
to low-income families in the Simsbury area. Mobile Foodshare serves 70 sites in 30 different
towns in the greater Hartford area and provides more than 3 million pounds of fresh fruits and
vegetables to people in need each year. She is pictured with Gloria McAdam ’79, president and
CEO of Mobile Foodshare.