Nathan O. Niles ’40
Wardour Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401-1255
Next Reunion: 75
, 2015
Mary Jane LangChilton
writes,“I am still spend-
ing time betweenVersailles, Ky., and Ellenburg De-
pot, N.Y. My son is building a new home and I am
told there is a room for me. Of course that means
many decisions. Last December we took a short
cruise on Carnival (no problem) from Cape Canav-
eral to KeyWest, where none of us had ever been.
We did enjoy Southport, Hemingway’s home, his
favorite bar, the Little White House, Freeport and
other sites. I still communicate with Jean Clifford
my Pi Beta Psi sorority sister, and enjoy each
issue of the St. Lawrence University magazine.”
Betty List Gardner
is enjoying life at Edgehill,
which she describes as “a wonderful retirement
complex in Connecticut. I play lots of dupli-
cate bridge, go to the theatre, attend lectures,
lunch at my beach club and read tons of books.
I spend winters on Estera Island, Fla., where I do
more of the above.” Her three kids, six grand-
children and four greats visit her, which she
calls “the best of all. My memories of St. Law-
rence are still vivid and wonderful.”
On May 3, the Annapolis Rotary Club honored
me for a double occasion, my 95
birthday and
years of service as a Rotarian. It gave me a great
feeling of pride. So now I’m shooting for my 100th!
Classmates and other Laurentians can only know
about you if you tell them. So, the next time I no-
tify you about Class Notes being due, please reply.
Thanks—enjoy life!
Ray Lewis '41
N. Ohio Ave.
Roswell, NM 88201-2129
Next Reunion: 75
, 2016
I imagine that each of you has either been in-
volved in an accident, been taken by ambulance
to a hospital for emergency surgery, or endured a
near-death experience. Please write to me about
these experiences. I think you would rather not
have our Class Notes column disappear from our
wonderful magazine. Lacking news from you, I
will share an experience of mine, which I entitle
Can you top this?”
Withmy new pilot’s license in hand, I took off in a
small rented plane on my first long flight, fromAl-
buquerque, N.M., to the East Coast. Somewhere
in Missouri, afraid that I would run out of fuel, I
decided the only safe place to land was on a nar-
row road. I could see no motor vehicles, but that
was no guarantee that one would not suddenly
appear just as I was ready to touch down. Was I
about to risk my life and that of the occupants of
an oncoming vehicle if it were to crash into it?
Doubling the possibility of disaster, a few sec-
onds from landing I saw a telephone wire directly
in my flight path. I was able to fly just beneath it
and come to a smooth landing on the road.
Miraculously, a pickup coming from the opposite
direction stopped a few feet from the nose of the
airplane. The driver didn’t act as though anything
unusual had just happened. I spread a map on
a wing and asked the man, a friendly farmer, to
show me the nearest airport. He did so, then
helped me turn the airplane around. I took off,
and in less than five minutes landed at the airport
to have the fuel tanks filled.
I must have been born with a silver spoon in
my mouth.
Bill Buschmann '42
Canal Road, #1409
Orange Beach, AL 36561-4022
ext. 1409 (home)
251-923-6691 (
Next Reunion: 75
, 2017
Richard C. Austin ’43
Wake Robin Drive
Shelburne, VT 05482
Next Reunion: 75
, 2018
Elizabeth Dietrich Ackerley ’44
Cedar Lane
Scotia, NY 12302-5524
Next Reunion: 70
May 29-June 1, 2014
Our numbers grow smaller.
Margaret “Peg”
Schultz Callaghan
died May 1. Peg was one of
Deacons”who resided in Dean-Eaton Cottage
on Park Street. She was a member of Alpha Delta
Pi sorority and later married fellow Laurentian
John V. “Jack “ Callaghan ’43n (deceased). Condo-
lences to Peg’s family and friends.
A big surprise came when my roommate
lis Allen Stranburg
called. She’s living in the
same complex near son Lee ’68, but has moved to
a two-bedroom apartment and is much happier
with more room for family to visit.
Marita Littauer Trotter
called from Miami
she’s lived there forever). We had a wonderful
gabfest. Naturally we talked of Canton next year.
With all the scientific and technological advanc-
es, wouldn’t it be wonderful to jump aboard the
Magical Ship” and be miraculously transported
from home to Canton for our 70
Any ideas?
Helen Aitchison Ellison ’45
Greenbriar Lane
West Grove, PA 19390
Next Reunion: 70
, 2015
I found a mailing I did, urging you to attend our
th Reunion. (That was 1985!) In addition to ask-
ing you to contribute to the Alumni Fund (which
it was then called), I added a poem, written by
Barbara Giddings Vilas '46, from a
magazine. This poem captures my feelings about
St. Lawrence. Friendships are golden memories!
A familiar room and songs
They used to sing
Dancing in the date room
And serenades in Spring...
Gone, but not forgotten
These phantoms of our past
No matter what the season
These memories will last.
Some will choose to think one day
Of college, will remember it by fun...
Still others for the Phi Beta Kappa keys
And honors which they won.
I choose, rather to remember
Those persons that I knew,
These for true remembrance when
College days are through.
I had a great phone conversation with John
Quirk '48, who returned for his 65th Reunion. His
daughter and son-in-law drove him from Mary-
land. He enjoyed the weekend, represented his
class as the only returnee and enjoyed the festivi-
ties. Hemissed "Mic" (JimMaley, originally '45 but
actually '49); they had returned together for many
years and were known as "The Sunshine Boys"!
He met our daughter and son-in-law, Susan Elli-
son and Dave Lackmann, both '77, who were at-
tending their 35
cluster reunion.
Sorry to report that
Anne Manning McKeon
Mardy Ann Jones Chapin
died recently.
Both were Pi Phi sisters. Mardy Ann and I met
up again in 1982 when we moved to Simsbury,
Conn., where she and her husband had been liv-
ing for some time.
Dr. Jim Krieger has also died. He was origi-
nally in the Class of 1945 and then served at
SLU in the Navy V-5 program. Our condolences
to the families.
For information about becoming a re-
porter for any class prior to 1940, please
contact Kim Hissong, 315-229-5837 or