What inspires me is that moment when I discover an art-
ist or song that moves me,” says Mark Tavern ’94. “That’s
what everyone is looking for, whether you’re a listener,
consumer, manager or agent. We’re all trying to find that
shred of truth, that moment when something magical
happens. You know it when you find it.”
An artist manager in the music industry, Tavern launched
Mark Tavern Management in early 2013 after 18 years of
working at record labels and performing arts organiza-
tions. “I guide the artist’s career and, in many ways, am
the COO of the artist’s business,” he explains. “I’m there
daily, planning ahead and figuring out what we’re doing
now to help leverage the artist’s talents in the best way
He’s worked with a wide range of musicians and projects
across a wider range of genres in his nearly two decades in
music, including Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Whitney Hous-
ton, Maroon 5, Etta James, a dozen Broadway cast albums
and more than 15 opera productions.
Tavern’s desire to find a way to meet the needs of today’s
and tomorrow’s artists stems from curiosity and, given the
big changes in the music industry, necessity. “I asked myself,
Can I do this?’ and the answer was, ‘Yes,’” he says. “Artists
now have access to a lot of the tools they need to reach
their fans, and so do entrepreneurs like me. They no longer
need the corporate construct of the record company,
but they still need people to help manage functions, from
supply chain – even in this digital age – to marketing cam-
paigns. I help them navigate through those.”
Reaching an audience is much easier now thanks to the Web
and social media, so artists and managers like Tavern are
able to do their jobs more creatively while remaining efficient.
Every day I agree to be challenged,
and what an interesting challenge it
he says. “Being an entrepreneur frees me from a limit-
ing corporate culture and gives me the flexibility to use tools
at my disposal and my own ingenuity as well as the client’s.”
While his company and his clients keep him plenty busy,
Tavern has made it a point to share his passion for his work
with St. Lawrence students who enroll in the University’s New
York City Semester. “The program is a stroke of genius,” he
says. “It’s higher education’s job to provide students with
experiences they can’t get otherwise. By creating a pro-
gram whereby students can study in an urban environment,
directly related to what they want to do, St. Lawrence is
providing a learning environment that students can't get on
He’s taken the students to music clubs throughout the city,
taught a lecture on jazz history and hosted internships. In do-
ing so, he’s exposed them to two things: art, in one of the art
capitals of the world, and a personal example of a success-
ful St. Lawrence alumnus who wasn’t afraid to pursue
his dream.
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A Creative Spark:
Mark Tavern ‘94
Mark Tavern Management,
As a student on last spring’s New York City Semester, Rochana Cooray ’14, right, of Colombo, Sri
Lanka, was a finance intern with Mark Tavern ’94. Tavern calls the Semester “a stroke of genius.”