One afternoon a
couple of years ago,
a friend gave me
two options for an
afternoon coffee
date: Starbucks or
Caribou Coffee.
For me, the choice was simple:
Caribou Coffee, because it was
a chance to support a company
founded by a St. Lawrence alumna,
Kim Whitehead Puckett ’86, and her
It got me thinking:
What other companies, businesses and
organizations that I come across have
ties to the Laurentian community? The
list of businesses started and owned
by alumni is impressive. This should
not be surprising, for we’re a creative
and resolute bunch. We’re also well
known for being strong supporters of
each other’s accomplishments and
These four stories about alumni who
have put everything on the line to
pursue their dreams kick off a new
column that will appear in each
issue of
St. Lawrence
The column will
highlight the Laurentian connections
found in your industries, cities and
neighborhoods and will include the
entrepreneurial tales of classmates
and friends in hopes that it inspires us
to support each other when we can.
Above all, I hope it will make you even
prouder to be a part of such a creative
and innovative community.
For Eliza Brown Cowan ’03's story, turn to page 24.