Support Needed for
Sustainability Semester
Last spring, sounds of construction indicated a new residence was being
built – not for students, but for chickens. The portable coop, built by
students, provides a home for the flock that will give eggs to feed students
on the Sustainability Semester.
Food production is one of the goals of St. Lawrence’s newest off-campus
program, where students study environmental sustainability from a
variety of disciplines and aim to practice low-impact living, studying the
results and consequences of their efforts. Financial support from founda-
tions and alumni has been instrumental in launching this new program,
but more is essential, for operating funds, endowment and student
internships. Other forms of assistance with internships are also welcome.
For more information: Sue Regier,
or 315-229-5915.
Tax Laws Affect
Charitable Giving
Anyone considering a gift to St. Lawrence
should be aware that new tax laws can have
a positive impact on charitable giving plans.
Principally, the IRA Charitable Rollover allows
individuals ages 70½ and older to make direct
transfers totaling up to $100,000 per year to
c)(3) organizations, without having to count
the transfers as income for federal income tax
If your income level may be pushed to a higher
tax bracket by your IRA distribution, using the
distribution for your charitable giving is a good
strategy. Transfers count as part of your minimum
required distribution, and must go directly from
your IRA to a recognized 501(c)(3) organization,
such as St. Lawrence.
Giving from my IRA is a great way to support
St. Lawrence, and my tax adviser agrees because
there are no income taxes on the direct distribu-
tion,” says Matt Forelli ’60. “My adviser does
all the work and the check goes straight to St.
Lawrence. It really is a good way to support the
Learn more about the new tax laws and the IRA
Charitable Rollover at
Reunion 2013 raised $7,300,000
Classes of 1953 (59%) and 1963
winners of the Scarlet
and Brown Participation Award.
Highest class participation in an honor
guard and non-honor guard class.)
The Class of 1979 won the Saints Class Gift Award for largest
class gift, setting a 35th reunion record.
The G. Atwood Manley Class Participation Award
was won by the Class of 1973 for having the largest
increase in the number of planned gifts.