Residence Hall
Taking Shape
Masons began installing a
quartzitic sandstone, mined
from a New York State quarry
near Lake Champlain, to the
exterior of the new residence
hall in September. Work
continues on the building,
which will be home to as
many as 155 students when
it opens in fall 2014. For more
information on the project,
please visit
Meagher Endowment Fund
Progresses toward Goal
The endowment will secure permanent
funding for an assistant director position
in the Office of Disability and Accessibil-
ity Services, support its future growth,
and carry on John Meagher’s passion for
his work after he steps down as
director in 2014, having had immeasur-
able impact on innumerable students in
more than 20 years at St. Lawrence.
In early July the fund stood at
$286,500, toward a $1 million goal. For
more information: Chad Tessier, ctessi-
or 315-229-5519.
Career Connections
Endowment Funds Sought
Experiential learning is a focal point of
the University’s educational program, as
outlined in its Strategic Map. Director of
Career Connections Geoff Falen is help-
ing to achieve this in part by establishing
the Saints on Success Career Conference
and a quarter-credit internship course,
both this academic year.
While a grant from the Arthur Vining
Davis Foundation will provide full posi-
tion support for one year, the University
is leading a five-year fundraising initiative
to establish a $2.65 million endowment
fund for the directorship. For more in-
formation: John Pezdek, jpezdek@stlawu.
edu or 315-229-5540.
Beta Temple Renovation
Fund Grows
Beta Temple renovations (see the summer
St. Lawrence
page 14) will address issues
that range from code concerns to aesthet-
ics. Upon completion, the entire campus
community may use the structure for
appropriate ceremonial purposes.
The goal is to raise $500,000 to fund
the renovations and set aside an endow-
ment for future upkeep. As of July 30,
commitments totaled $200,000. For
more information: Tom Pynchon, tpyn-
or 315-229-5583.
Christine “Chris” Koski ’79 has a phi-
losophy when it comes to college: No
one gets there by themselves. “Someone
sacrificed so you could go to school and
achieve what you achieved,” she says.
As she thought about how she could
honor those sacrifices in
her gifts to St. Lawrence,
she learned of a scholar-
ship at another institu-
tion built on the concept
of “paying it forward.”
Recipients “repaid” donors
by eventually giving to the
fund, for the benefit of
future students.
I thought it was per-
fect,” she says. “You may
not be able to pay back
those who helped you, but
you can do this, which is
exactly what they would
want you to do.”
So Koski created the Pay
It Forward Scholarship for St. Lawrence
students. Recipients, who will be chosen
based on need, will receive $5,000 a
year and sign a non-binding agreement
asking them to return the favor and
give someone else an opportunity by
contributing to the fund. She hopes it
will inspire recipients to recognize that
there’s an expectation to give, and that
alumni are moti-
vated by their own
experiences to join
her in “helping
this flywheel gain
This effort
really embod-
ies what the St.
Lawrence commu-
nity is,” she says.
Once you’ve gone
to St. Lawrence,
you’re a Lauren-
tian for the rest of
your life. It’s up to
us to support each
To make a gift to this scholarship fund,
please contact Tom Pynchon at 315-
Alumna Paying an
Opportunity Forward
by Meg Bernier ’07, M’09