Cross country continued...
Newman, meanwhile, brings a more
sabermetric, or data-based, approach
to his craft, comparing workout results
from season to season and using the
numbers to evaluate and enhance per-
formance and project results.
Ramsey recalls the key role that New-
man's data played in the men's team's
run-up to its third-place finish at
nationals in 2010. "Seeing the proof (of
our talent) in the data made us believe
that a podium finish was possible," he
But neither an old-school approach
nor reliance on data mean much if you
don't have the talent to back them up.
When I ran indoor track for Canton
High School inside frigid Leithead Field
House — those meets are now held at
the much more comfortable Newell
Field House — Howard and Newman,
himself a product of the Canton cross
country and track and field program,
were invariably up on the catwalk,
watching the meet and evaluating talent.
And they have good eyes. Almost with-
out fail, athletes who come out of the
North Country improve by leaps and
bounds during their time on campus.
And over the years, a great many “local
kids” have populated St. Lawrence’s
running teams.
There are good kids up here and
there's a lot of untapped potential," says
Howard, a Saranac Lake native. No one
illustrates that better than Tupper Lake
native Wendy Pavlus '11, who competed
as an individual during her final three
years in high school because the tiny
Adirondack village was unable to field a
full team. Pavlus thrived in the team en-
vironment once she got to St. Lawrence,
winning two NCAA cross country titles
and leading the team to a second-place
showing in 2009.
We always knew there was more for
her," says Amy Farrell '99, an Ogdens-
burg native who coached Pavlus in high
school. “It was a perfect fit to send her
to St. Lawrence."
Howard and Newman also identify
runners from farther afield who haven't
been given much attention from other
Ramsey describes his 2010 team as
basically a bunch of no-talent scrubs
coming out of high school and a couple
of international students who hadn't
run a step before they came to St. Law-
rence. Through hard work and good
coaching we turned that group into one
of the best teams in the country."
It's proven to be a successful formula,
and one that will likely remain the hall-
mark of St. Lawrence cross country for
years to come.
St. Lawrence cross country supporters stand out at
big meets, such as the 2003 NCAA Championship.
Chris Wilcox '00
Aaron Todd majored in English and
ran cross country and indoor and
outdoor track as a student. He is a
senior editor for in Newton, Mass.
For more information, contact Andy Whittier at
or 315-229-5511.
It's a distinctive tradition
at St. Lawrence that the
men's and women's teams
line the course and cheer
like mad when one of
them is racing.
Several Athletics Projects Underway
Athletics facilities projects that are
in progress and in need of support
men’s and women’s
basketball locker room renovations;
equipment for
Appleton Arena
including new HD video equipment
and a new scoreboard; and complete
renovations and upgrades at
Appleton Riding Hall