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The Best of Everything: Sesquicentennial Poll

Celebrate the best of St. Lawrence! This is a totally unscientific, subjective poll of Laurentians, current students, faculty and staff, as well as alumni.   We’re taking a snapshot of the best today and of the best memories we have as a worldwide community, as we close the Sesquicentennial year.

Answer any and all that apply to your St. Lawrence experience.
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Student Graduate Class Year
Faculty Staff Retiree

Campus Architecture

The best stained glass window:
The best residence hall room:

The best faculty office:

The best seat in Appleton Arena:

The best study site:

The best view on campus:
The best tree on campus:
Academics and Activities

The best course I ever took was:

The best trail I ever hiked was:

The best textbook I ever read:

The best paper I ever wrote:

The best club I joined:
The best annual event:

The best food I ever ate at St. Lawrence:

The best care package I ever received included:
The best campus job I had:

My best mentor while at St. Lawrence:

My best memory of the North Country:



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