The LIGHT House: Showing the Way to Healthy Living

The latest addition to St. Lawrence University’s block of theme houses wants you to feel better.  The LIGHT (Living Inspirationally Growing Healthy Together) House advocates for strong bodies and clear minds through traditional mediation, yoga and other community-building activities.

“Our house is a comfortable environment for people to explore different philosophies and healthy ways of living,” explains Elizabeth Bartholomew ’14. From playful yoga sessions and guided world peace mediations to campus-wide board game nights, members of the house aim to keep student stress levels down.  “We coordinate events that showcase our passions and inspire others to find their own,” explains Chris Shrope ’13. Members lead sessions of Reiki, a Japanese practice for stress reduction and relaxation that helps to promote healing.

But just because they’re advocates of relaxation doesn’t mean they’re not active. Elizabeth and other members of the house collaborated on a St. Lawrence Innovation Grant to build bird feeders all around campus.  “We want to bring awareness of the simple beauty of nature,” explains the native of the Ukraine. “We want students to pause between their daily tasks and embrace their surroundings,” she says, capturing the essence of the house’s goal to inspire living and feeling better.

--Allison Shea ’13

Student Life