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Textbook Donation and Borrowing Program (ODY-DB)

What is it?

Olivia Mathieu '17 has developed a textbook donation/borrowing (non-circulating) system. Located in the ODY library, ODY-DB serves as St. Lawrence’s first alternative textbook resource available to students. Given that the bookstore has to keep the most current editions of textbooks, the goal is to collect all of the books that can’t be bought back, or books you simply want to donate. Textbooks will then be available for unlimited use in the ODY library for semesters to come!

The ODY-DB has had a very successful first semester in its running! After under-going the first donation/collection period, with the help of student donations, the textbook library has collected over 550 books that are available for students to use within the library! The ODY-DB contains many textbooks, workbooks, novels, chemistry/bio kits, and other course material that spans all classes, majors, and distributions here at St. Lawrence!

We are hoping that we are able to collect even more donations this semester, as the ODY-DB is getting to be more widely known on campus! There are two locations on campus that students may drop off any textbook donations: The second floor of the Brewer Bookstore, and the entrance of the ODY library!

We are extremely thrilled with how the ODY-DB has already taken off, and we can't wait to see how it will continue to grow! Please help to spread the word about the ODY-DB, so hundreds of students will and can help to benefit hundreds of other students in the semesters to come!! Please help us, so we can help YOU! :)

How does it work?

  • Students may donate textbooks at all times at any of the donation sites, but textbooks will primarily be collected upon the completion of each semester.
  • All course materials used for classes are welcomed as donations, and can be donated at the Brewer Bookstore, Student Center Mail Center, Madill Library and ODY Library.
  • The donated textbooks will be shelved in correspondence to their subject, and marked with ODY-DB cards in color coordination. Books will be run through a “trust system” and can be informally signed out, but cannot be checked out.
  • Choose/ Re-Use Method: Select the book you would like (choose!), access it anywhere in the library, then put it back once you’re done so other people may access it (re-use!)

How the ODY-DB can help YOU:

  • Do you want the reassurance of having a textbook to look at without having to buy one? Are you tired of the inflating costs of textbooks?
  • The ODY-DB has the solution for you! With adequate donations from the students, your textbooks will always be available with just one, short trip to the library.

Olivia Mathieu is a Senior from Hadley, Massachusetts, majoring in Performance and Communication Arts and minoring in Psychology. She has worked on the ODY-DB as an honors SYE project under the advising of Professor Jess Prody. This also happens to be the third semester that, through a final paper and semester-long project, she has focused in on the high costs of textbooks at St. Lawrence University. Olivia plans to pursue a job in Public Relations after she graduates from St. Lawrence in May, 2017.