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Anticipated survey cycle for campus-wide surveys in 2013-2014:

  • Admitted Students
    • Admitted Student Questionnaire May-June
  • First-Years
    • August: Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement/IT Benchmarks
    • March: National Survey of Student Engagement
    • April: College Success Questionnaire
  • Seniors
    • April-May: HEDS or HERI Senior Survey/IT Benchmarks
  • Faculty
    • Winter:  HERI Faculty Survey
  • Alumni
    • Winter: Career Services Follow-Up Survey, Class of 2013
    • Academic Outcomes Alumni Survey, Classes of 2008 and 2003

Survey Cycle History

St. Lawrence participates in ongoing survey research - some surveys are conducted on an annual cycle, others on a 3-5 year cycle (e.g. research practices, IT, NSSE).  Several surveys are in-house instruments.  Others are national instruments which are typically supplemented with a few local questions of interest.  Also, St. Lawrence alternates between survey instruments (such as HEDS and HERI Senior Survey), as each pursues a particular emphasis.


Survey Instrument2009-102010-112011-122012-13(prelim)
Survey DateParticipants
MISO Technology SurveyxNovemberStudents, faculty, staff


Survey Instrument2009-102010-112011-122012-13(prelim)
Survey DateParticipants
Admitted Student QuestionnairexxxxxMay-JulyAccepted students
CIRP Freshman Survey xxxxAugustIncoming students
BSSEAugustIncoming students
Orientation SurveyxSeptemberIncoming students
College Success QuestionnairexxxxxAprilFirst-Year
CIRP Your First College YearxAprilFirst-Year
Research PracticesxSummer/AprilIncoming/First-Year
Senior Survey - HEDSxxApril-MaySeniors
Senior Survey - HERIxxxApril-MaySeniors
Global Perspectives InventoryxxNovember/AprilStudents on off-campus study
Wellness SurveyxNovemberSample, all class years
Quality of Residence LifexxxNovemberAll class years
Registration SurveyxMarch-AprilAll class years
MISO Technology Survey (see below)xNovemberSample, all class years
IT SurveyxNovemberAll class years


Survey Instrument2009-102010-112011-122012-13(prelim)
Survey DateParticipants
HERI Faculty SurveyxxWinterFaculty
MISO Technology Survey (see below)xNovemberStudents, faculty, staff


Survey Instrument2009-102010-112011-122012-13(prelim)
Survey DateParticipants
Career Services Follow-UpxxxxxWinterAlumni 5-7 months out
Alumni Academic Outcomes SurveyxxxApril-MayAlumni 5 + 10 yrs out
In-House Alumni Survey (every 3 yrs)xWinterAll Alumni