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College Success Questionnaire

Survey Date: 
annually since 2001; previously 2nd-3rd week in February; moved to April to tie in with Engaged Learning Grant.
Population Surveyed: 
First Year Students (in class) and Sophomores (electronically)
Instrument Type: 

The survey instrument was originally developed by the Retention Task Force for early feedback on students' satisfaction with various aspects of their college experiences and to better understand transition issues from high school to college as well as from the first year to the sophomore year.

Several actions have resulted in direct response to student feedback, including: online registration, block housing,the taxi service, lifting the restriction of campus jobs to FY students, and expanding the role and mission of advising at St. Lawrence. As our understanding of retention issues and our effectiveness in addressing them increased, the survey has undergone several modifications. the most recent survey instrument also includes items relevant to the Institution's AAC&U Engaged Learning Grant, Teagle Sophomore Grant, and Teagle Assessment Grant.