Preparing a Statement of Goals and Objectives

GOALS: Goals are statements of direction. They are guidelines for choosing tasks. In order to know if your ship is on the right course, you need to know the destination. How you get there may be the series of objectives you identify, but the purpose of the journey is expressed through the goals.

OBJECTIVES: Objectives are measurable tasks that are developed to achieve the goals. Objectives may have a quality and/or quantity dimension that may be part of the way in which achievement will be measured.

TO PREPARE your statement of goals ask yourself:
What is fundamental to what I do? If I knew I would be completing this position at the end of next month what would I most want to be able to look back and say – yes, that’s what was most important, that’s what I accomplished.

TO PREPARE your objectives ask yourself:
What is expected of me in this position? What am I expected to do and to accomplish?

What do I want to accomplish in this position? What am I especially skilled at or trained to do, or needed to be doing?

What do I do each day / each week? You may need to do a daily log for a few weeks, or make a list based on your calendar or some other review of your year. What actually occupies your time?

Ask yourself how your time is divided up. You may need to identify objectives by a percentage – does one kind of task take up 20% of your time? Is that reflected in your objectives? In your self evaluation ask yourself if this division of time matches your goals and helps in achieving your objectives.