Obtaining MSDS Sheets

To request a MSDS - 24 hours a day, seven days a week - call 1-800-451-8346, identify yourself as a participant under the St. Lawrence University contract, and have a fax number available of where you want the MSDS faxed to. You can use the FAX number at Security anytime for this (315-2297414). You will be asked to provide the product name, manufacturer name, product number and UPC code (if available).

If you need assistance call the Human Resources office during normal working hours at 229-5596, call Security at 5555, or your supervisor.

SLU's Environmental Health and Safety Office has complete information on this contracted service. If anyone has any questions or needs additional information, please feel free to call either Ted Coviello (5913) or Kathy Boak (5607).