Annual Expectation

Performance Evaluations for all Administrative and Hourly Staff

St. Lawrence University is committed to annual performance evaluations for all staff as an important aspect of recognition and development.

Performance evaluation is an important way to communicate about goals, achievements, successes and improvements. Performance evaluations are for everyone, and especially for the employees who are doing a good or superior job who need to hear that from supervisors.

All staff, hourly and administrative, are expected to participate in an annual performance evaluation. Administrative staff evaluations should use the 360 Performance Evaluation process which may include interviews with colleagues and others from whom perspective about the person being evaluated is relevant and helpful. Performance Evaluations for hourly staff may use any appropriate process and form. Each performance evaluation will culminate in a written document and, most importantly, conversation between the supervisor and the staff person being reviewed.

The Human Resources office has information about performance evaluations* on its website, and assistance is readily available from the Human Resources staff – just call or e-mail.


* In order to do a good performance evaluation an up-to-date job description is needed. If you aren’t sure if there is a job description available contact Human Resources. The job description helps the supervisor and staff person have a discussion about the job that seeks to develop common understanding, a clarification of expectations and standards, a commitment to meet and exceed those expectations, and an opportunity for a staff member to provide valuable insight for the supervisor. A person’s performance is more likely to meet and exceed expectations if there has been an open and sincere two-way discussion between supervisor and staff member