Hiring Process for All Summer Positions

April 21, 2016


TO:                   All Supervisors/Department Heads

FROM:             Human Resources

RE:                   Hiring Process for All Summer Positions

The purpose of this memo is to communicate information about the process and plans for summer hiring needs.  As in past years, all summer hire needs and requests are subject to approval by the division’s Vice President to confirm need and to ensure that summer hiring remains within the allocated budget.  Summer positions traditionally filled by students and for SLU students who are employees (not for graduating seniors) are coordinated with the Financial Aid office.  The office of Human Resources manages all other temporary hiring needs, placements and related paperwork.

All requests for summer work must be approved before any work begins.  New York State requires payment notices be provided to employees before the first day of work.  Human Resources and Financial Aid are responsible for meeting this compliance need and timely notification is expected.  Please work directly with the Tommiann Russell in Financial Aid for student positions or Colleen Manley in Human Resources for all other hiring needs.

Selection Process

The selection for hire follows a designated order for traditional student positions.  Upon approval to fill a position, campus supervisors are expected to use the following order of preference for selection:

-  SLU students with financial need attending Summer School

-  Other SLU students with financial need

-  All other SLU students

-  Employees in the SEIU Local200United bargaining unit on summer layoff

-  Children of SLU faculty and employees who are college students

-  Other individuals

*For CSEA or clerical temporary positions, placement of individuals will follow new CSEA bargaining agreement guidelines. Contact HR for more information.

Guidelines – Minimum Age for Employment

-  The University adheres to all State and Federal regulations regarding the employment of those under the age of 18.  These guidelines specify what types of jobs and the hours of work a minor child may perform.  Some of the limitations are listed below.  Please contact Human Resources for inquiries relating to employment of an individual under age 18.

-  Minors under the age of 18 must provide working papers. These can be obtained from the nurse at the appropriate high school.

-  Minors under the age of 18 may not work in hazardous environments or operate machinery (i.e.: lawn mowers, shredder, dish washing machines etc.).

-  Minors under 16 years of age may NOT be employed at any time.

Hiring Department Responsibility

-  An employment requisition form (non-SLU student hiring) or Student Personnel Action form (SLU student hiring) must be completed, signed by the Department Head and Vice President and forwarded to the HR office prior to hire.  SLU undergraduate student paperwork is done at the Financial Aid Office.

Student Personnel Action Form

All other, non-SLU student hires, please submit the Temporary Employment Requisition form to HR:

-  SLU students who are hired must file appropriate paperwork with the Financial Aid Office.  They will be placed on the SLU student payroll.

-  Non-SLU students, graduate students and other new hires are required to file appropriate paperwork with the HR office, including a completed SLU application form. They will be placed on the bi-weekly payroll (payment every other Friday).  A timesheet will be generated for each employee to record daily hours worked.

*Note - - please indicate preference for paper or online timesheet

-  Under the Immigration Reform and Control Act, proof of authorization to work in the U.S. is required on the federal Form I-9.  The I-9 form must be completed on the first day of hire for all employees.  HR and Financial Aid verify the I-9 form and employees must present original, unexpired documents in person.

New York State minimum wage is $9.00/hour.  Students are exempt from the minimum wage requirement while they are enrolled and attending classes as part of a degree program or have been a student in this capacity in the prior semester.  The student wage scale for traditional student positions is based on the following:





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Any questions regarding the above may be directed to Colleen Manley, Human Resources, ext. 5988, or Tommiann Russell, ext. 5269.