Human Resources Newsletter

November 2016
Volume I, Issue 4

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PeopleAdmin is the University's online search and application tracking system, used for managing the hiring process. Assistance with posting jobs, organizing searches and moving through the hiring process is always available through the Human Resources office, but the following Frequently Asked Questions may be helpful to keep on hand when planning recruitment and hiring.

Q: What is the web link to our online position listing and application site?

Q: When first logging in to the PeopleAdmin system, do I use my SLU credentials?
A: Do not try to log in with your St. Lawrence credentials; log in with your username (first initial and last name, no space between the two) and the same for your initial password. You will be prompted to change your password after your first login attempt.

Q: I don't see the posting for the search committee I'm on. Where is it?
A: If you have multiple views in the system (Hiring Manager, Search Committee Member, Search Chair) make sure you are logged in for the appropriate corresponding "role." You'll see that in the upper-right corner of the screen; there is a drop-down box to allow changing "roles."

Q: If I forget my password can it be reset?
A: Yes! Contact Human Resources for assistance with resetting a password.

Q: What are "supplemental questions," and should I add them to the posting?
A: Supplemental questions can be helpful in evaluating the applicant pool by assisting in identifying the most qualified applicants, or screening out applicants who lack stated qualifications. When creating a job posting, talk with HR to help you decide whether to require applicants to answer supplemental questions, or whether to set up answers that would disqualify applicants. Supplemental questions may either have pre-defined answers or be open-ended, and you may choose from a bank of approved questions or develop your own.

Q: How do I print an application for review?
A: Click on an applicant's name to view that person's application and other materials. Scroll down, and at the very bottom of the screen, you'll see a listing for .PDF documents. Click "Generate" next to "Combined Document," and a .PDF file will appear in a new browser window that combines the application and all of the supporting materials. You may print the .PDF file for review.

To print applicants for all of the applicants for a position, click the box at the top of the list of applicants to select the entire list. Hover over the orange Actions button, to the left as you view the list of applicants. There is an option to "Download Applications as PDF." Once you choose that option, you will have additional options to print just applications, or to download other materials. Once the materials are downloaded, they may be printed.

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Q: How can I sort the column of applicants?
A: At the top of the list of applicants, there is a prompt to add "More Search Options." After clicking on that, you'll see an option to "Add a Column." Clicking on that prompt will provide a list of things that may be added to the information that you view when looking at the list of applicants. You may, for example, choose the application question "Have you ever been employed at St. Lawrence University?" If you click on that, the list of applicants will automatically include the answer to that question.

Q: Can we request confidential recommendations for faculty positions?
A: Yes. When applicants apply to faculty positions, they must submit the names and email addresses of professional references. Those references will receive a system-generated email requesting that a letter of reference be sent. When the letter is sent, it is viewable by the Search Committee, but not by the applicant. Applicants may view their application to see whether or not a reference has submitted a letter, but they do not see the letter itself. The application screen viewable by the Search Committee indicates the status of reference, i.e., whether or not they have been sent.

Q: How do I request to interview an applicant?
A: In your job posting, open the Applicants tab and view the application of interest. From the "Take Action on Job Application" menu, choose "Selected for First Interview (move to Selected for First Interview)".

Q: How do I begin a Hiring Proposal?
A: Select the applicant to be hired. On the upper right-hand side of the page, select the orange "Take Action on Job Application" link and choose "Recommend for Hire (move to recommend for hire.)"

On the right-hand side of that screen, you will see a green plus sign (+) marked "Hiring Proposal." Click on the green plus sign to begin completing the hiring proposal. Once you have completed the required fields of the hiring proposal, select "Next" and the information will be saved. Then go to the upper right-hand side of the page and select the orange "Take Action on Hiring Proposal." Choose "Move Directly to Dean/Level 2 Approver." You will then be prompted to submit the hiring proposal, and at this point, you will be given the option to add this posting to your watch list. You must select "Submit" to ensure the request to hire moves to Dean/VP for approval.

Q: What happens after I submit the Hiring Proposal?
A: When the Hiring Proposal has received all necessary approvals, the Hiring Manager will receive an email from Human Resources stating that a verbal offer may be extended to the person selected for hire. Once the candidate has accepted the verbal offer, the Hiring Manager must notify Human Resources. The following will then take place:
            - Human Resources will generate an appointment letter and a New York State wage form, both of which will be sent to the successful candidate
            - When the finalist signs and returns the letter to Human Resources, a background check will be initiated. The person to be hired will receive an email directly from the firm performing the background check, HireRight.
            - HireRight will provide some questions to the person hired; once the questions are answered completion of the background check typically takes from three to seven days.
            - The Hiring Manager should "move" all remaining applicants/candidates in the workflow to either "Not Interviewed/Not Hired" or "Interviewed/Not Hired." Once the position is filled, individuals will receive an auto-generated email, informing them that the position has been filled.
            - Once the background check is complete and approved, the person hired is contacted and may begin employment at St. Lawrence University.

Reminder: Applicant and interview notes from the hiring process must be retained for four years.  PeopleAdmin will maintain a history of application materials. Notes and information that led to hiring decisions should be preserved with the search chair and may be destroyed after four full years (five years for permanent residency processes).