Sarah DeFruscio

Sarah DeFruscio
Cobleskill, NY

Upon entering St. Lawrence, I was interested in history but never seemed to find the time to take any classes in the department due to my English major. It was not until the spring of sophomore year that I finally took a history class and realized how much I had been missing. Not only did the history department feed my interests, it has also helped cultivate my own opinions and set my path for the future. Since then I have declared history as my double major and had the opportunity to take numerous classes including: Modern Latin America, Medieval Christianity, Women and Gender in the US from 1945-1970, The US and Vietnam, Debating Muslims, and Weimar and Nazi Germany.

During my time at St. Lawrence I also had the chance to expand my knowledge by studying abroad in London, England. Here I was able to see incredible historical sites such as Stonehenge, the Tower of London, and the Salisbury Cathedral, which houses the oldest working clock in the world. While there I also explored other countries and their fascinating histories.

In the future I plan on going to grad school to obtain my Masters Degree in Education. I want to impart to future students what professors at SLU have given me—a love, respect, and understanding for the past.