Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh
Government, Education
Fairport, NY

I entered college knowing that history was a strong interest of mine, and I never looked back. Choosing to pursue history at St. Lawrence was an easy choice for me because I knew that while my transcript would say History, I would gain much more than just a degree from this liberal arts school. I focused much of my history major on American history, studying the development of our nation through the eyes of colonists, women, African-Americans, and even through the words of Abraham Lincoln. American history just amazes me! That being said, I love that I was pushed to explore other histories as well. From studying and researching the causes and effects of World War I, to exploring the effects of colonialism on the Caribbean and Latin America, to examining case studies of conflicts on the African Continent, I had the amazing opportunity to gain a global perspective on history.

Being a History major opened my eyes to many other opportunities as well. I spent the Spring of 2011 in Denmark! Having the opportunity for exposure to the Danish and European culture fascinated me and I was so excited to be able to travel and see the many places I had learned so much about. I paired my historical studies with minors in both Education and Government, which could lead me to teaching, politics, or possibly law school. There is so much that I can do thanks to my work in the History program.

Finally, my words of advice to anyone thinking of studying history: Learn who you are and where you came from because it is that knowledge that will help you to discover who you want to be, and where you want to go next in life!

Professional Position: 
Admissions Assistant Director, St. Lawrence University