Nora Langan

Nora Langan
History and Government
Philadelphia, PA

I’ve always been fascinated with history not only because I consider it a captivating story, but also because I believe it is a necessary subject—it allows us to understand our past and how we’ve reached the present. Though many students may not know what they can do with a history major, I can promise that it will allow you to obtain skills that will be beneficial for years to come. My writing and researching skills have developed tremendously since my freshman year, especially because of the assistance of St. Lawrence History professors. Already these two vital tools that I’ve acquired because of my major have proven to be advantageous in my internships.

In my history major I have focused on European History and even went abroad to London to experience and to learn about England in greater detail. While I traveled throughout Europe during my semester abroad, my history major helped me understand different countries and cities in greater depth.

Finally my Senior Year Experience, “North American Stories,” was a wonderful way to complete my history career at St. Lawrence. People often view history as separate from oneself, but this SYE helped show students how to place their own family history into the broader context of United States history. In this SYE I learned more about my family and ultimately myself than I could ever have imagined.

During my time at SLU I also majored in Government and hope to work on the legislative side of politics in Washington D.C after I graduate. My advice to students that do not choose to become history majors: I still strongly urge you to take a class (or several) as well as taking advantage of the History professors—who have provided me invaluable guidance and support.