Matt Shoen

Matt Shoen
History and English
Lisbon, NY

I come from a small town called Lisbon, about twenty minutes from SLU. I was in the 7th grade when I picked up Shelby Foote’s first volume of Civil War history and started down the road that led to me declaring as a history major in spring of my freshman year. The professors in this department have been nothing but phenomenal. Classes in 19th century European and Middle Eastern history have taught me so many new things about topics I’d previously believed myself knowledgeable on.

In the summer after my sophomore year I was able to complete a university fellowship on the fall of the Roman Republic which I consider one of the most rewarding periods of my scholastic life thus far. I hope to continue my education with graduate school and plan to continue studying ancient history. Having spent my entire time at St. Lawrence with at least one history course on my schedule, I strongly recommend all the courses offered here. This is without a doubt one of the best departments on campus and I implore students to take at least one history class while here.