Mary Barthelme

Mary Barthelme
Government and European Studies
Canton, NY

As a local and the child of a St. Lawrence retired professor and administrator I grew up, in a way, on campus. My experience thus far as an undergraduate at St. Lawrence has been nothing but rewarding and beneficial and reinforced my love of the campus from my childhood. I had the chance to study abroad in Vienna, Austria through the St. Lawrence program in the spring of 2010 and took courses about a mixture of topics including the Habsburg Empire and the European Union. While on the program we also had the opportunity to visit many important historical cities including Prague and Krakow.

At St. Lawrence the history department has fostered and helped develop my passion in history and outline possible career paths to incorporate my interest. I have been able to take classes in many specific geographical focuses including European and African history. The professors in the department have pushed me to learn and develop my strengths and have provided great support and guidance. I encourage all students, not just history majors, to take advantage of the expansive opportunities that the university and departments offer. I am excited and looking forward to completing my last two years at St. Lawrence as a history major!