Kelsey Berry

Kelsey Berry
History and Government
European Studies
New Hampton, NH

I traveled abroad my freshman spring on the Global Francophone Cultures program. This time abroad piqued my interest for the research I have done, and am currently working on, in my junior and senior years. This semester, I am doing a senior research project with Dr. Judith DeGroat examining the role of Anglophilia/ Francophilia and Anglophobia/Francophobia in popular media in the formation of nationalism and collective identity during the era between the First and Second World Wars. As a European Studies minor, I completed a project my junior year (with the help of a Carlisle Research Grant from the History Department), also with Dr. DeGroat, on the problematic ways the Vichy years in France have been memorialized. Although both of my independent research projects have focused on Europe, I have also thoroughly enjoyed my history classes on the Middle East. I will be graduating a semester early from St. Lawrence to pursue a graduate degree in Heritage Studies Education at Plymouth State University.