Katie Greene

Katie Greene
History/African Studies
Essex Junction, VT

Like many St. Lawrence students, I was rather unsure what major to choose, as I enjoyed studying many different academic fields. I began my search for a most fitting major by taking most of my required courses my freshman year. I found the “Introduction to African Studies” course to be rather intriguing, as I had not been well versed in African history (the curriculum involving African history was limited at my high school). This sparked my interest in pursuing a History major, and I began to integrate more history courses into my schedule. Among these courses have been “Slavery and Freedom,” “The Holocaust,” “The War of 1812,” “The Cold War,” and “African American History to 1865.”

At St. Lawrence I have been fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of academic opportunities within the History Department. During my freshman year, I was able to contact Eddie Daniels, an anti-Apartheid leader who served jail time and collaborated with Nelson Mandela, and apply it to my FYS research project. In addition, I was accepted into the study abroad program in Kenya for the spring of 2013 where I plan to complete my combined History-African Studies major. Also, I was asked to speak at the St. Lawrence County Historical Association’s annual meeting this November to present the research I conducted while taking the War of 1812 seminar. Furthermore, I hope to either study on campus with a SLU Fellowship or travel abroad to the African continent and conduct human research if given a Tanner Fellowship during the summer of 2013.

Not only have I been able to hone my research synthesis skills and better my writing abilities in general, but I have also been able to find a passion I love and share it with others that share the same interest. I strongly encourage undeclared students to consider majoring in History and benefit like I have from the experience.