Jon Piccirillo

Jon Piccirillo
History/African Studies and Biology
Lyme, CT

If I look back at my academic path at St. Lawrence I realize that although my chosen fields of study are rather diverse they align with the liberal arts ideology of a well-rounded education. I came to St. Lawrence unsure of a major but with a willingness to try all subjects. However, I quickly realized that I most enjoyed learning about African and German history during the early 21st century. As a senior I am a dual History/African Studies and Biology major; I believe that an education should be diverse and should provide the student with the knowledge to appreciate reflective academic thought.

I had the fortune of studying abroad in Kenya during my fall semester junior year. This St. Lawrence program provided me with the opportunity to live in a culture vastly different from my own. During this semester I lived and took classes in Nairobi while traveling throughout East Africa. I had the fortune of visiting the source of the Nile, Fort Jesus in Mombasa, and encountering diverse peoples and lifestyles throughout Eastern Africa. Beyond furthering my understanding of African history and peoples, this opportunity helped me to appreciate the diversity of thought within our world (something all historians should understand).