John Curle

John Curle
Plattsburgh, NY

I’m an example of a student who came to school undecided as to what I would like to study, then took one history class at St. Lawrence and realized that I had found my calling. The insight that I have gained through all of my classes has been absolutely invaluable and I can only attribute that to a faculty who are always more than willing to help and an advisor who bends over backwards for me. The history department exemplifies the liberal arts philosophy by focusing on more aspects of history than simply ‘what happened.’ I have learned about how the past influences how we live today in ways that I would never have expected; it really is fascinating. As far as the work that I have done in history is concerned, I recently completed a SLU Fellowship, which is a summer research opportunity awarded to students who have found a subject about which they are passionate. The research that I completed this summer involved investigating questions surrounding Abraham Lincoln and his views and actions regarding emancipation. The work that I did only served to reinforce my love of history and I really am looking forward to completing my career as a St. Lawrence history major.