Hilliary Walters

Hilliary Walters
Gouverneur, NY

Upon entering St. Lawrence as a first-year, my field of study was undecided. I quickly found a passion for history; my advisor led me to the outstanding history department and opened my eyes to the classes offered at SLU. By my sophomore year, I had declared my major as history and my minor in education. I plan to become a secondary social studies teacher upon graduating from St. Lawrence. St. Lawrence offers a wide variety of classes that has allowed me to explore this field. I have taken many wonderful courses offered by the history department, such as “Lincoln: The Man and His Words,” “Intro to Native American History,” and “19th Century European History, 1815-1914.” St. Lawrence has taught me that history is by no means just studying important dates and reading from your textbook. In fact, history is something that must be studied from every point of view possible, never accepting one final answer. History is an ongoing study that I will forever more be a part of. History has become a part of my life, it tells a story of our past and future. As Oscar Wilde once said, “Any fool can make history, but it takes a genius to write it.”