Cassie Gipe

Cassie Gipe
History and Government
Whitehall, NY

When coming to St Lawrence, I was not completely sure what I wanted to major in. I have always loved history and government, and after taking a wide range of classes in different subjects here at St. Lawrence, I decided to double major in both history and government.

I absolutely love history. Without history there is nothing: no present or future. That is why I feel it is important to learn about the past. It is just fascinating to me to see how the world used to be, and how it has progressed to the way it is today. Studying history gives you a better understanding of the present and why things are they way they are, which I find very important in everyday life.

All of the history courses I have taken here at SLU have been very interesting and have helped me in my development as a student. The courses I have taken in history are “The History of Women in America,” “Lincoln: The Man and his Words” (a sophomore seminar), “The History of the Civil Rights Movement,” and “Genocide in the Modern World.” All of them were intriguing to me and left me wanting to know more. They made me realize that the past is just not just black and white; history is complicated.