Bob Hummel

Bob Hummel
History/African Studies
Jamesville, NY

History has been a lifelong passion of mine so when I arrived at St. Lawrence I thought I knew exactly where it would take me. In my freshman year I took a West African history course that changed the entire trajectory of my academic career. I never knew that my love of history would help me learn a new language (Swahili) or offer me so many different opportunities.

My experiences with the faculty have been phenomenal. No two professors have the same style of teaching, pushing you beyond your comfort zone as a student. They constantly drive you to be a better writer, think critically, and articulate your opinions effectively. One of the greatest strengths of the History Department at St. Lawrence is their commitment to the students. I have spent countless hours in my professors’ offices revising papers (Thank you, Dr. Jennings), discussing readings (Dr. Carotenuto), and just chatting about a subject of interest (Dr. Johnson).

There are limitless directions you can take when studying history at St. Lawrence. I have been able to combine my love of history with my passion for soccer as I travelled to South Africa this past summer to study the effects of the FIFA World Cup on South African society. I witnessed history in the making as South Africa became the first African nation to host the world’s largest sporting event. Wherever life after St. Lawrence takes me, the experiences and skills I obtained as a History major will be invaluable.