Sam Baker '13 - a busy post-graduate summer

Sam Baker, ’13 had a busy post-graduate summer, working for Valerie M. Jones & Associates, an independent development consultation firm. He writes:


The primary function of the firm is contracting “free agent” developers to fill the needs of specific non-profit organizations who are, for various reasons, unable to independently manage their fundraising affairs. Being one of these “free agents,” my job was to research private and corporate foundations whose potential for giving matched the criteria of the respective non-profit’s mission or objectives. I also drafted the LOI (letters of inquiry) to foundations, declaring the non-profits’ intent to apply for grant money and establishing the validity of their application qualifications. My final duty involved the editing of the grant proposal itself, drafted by the non-profit for submittal to the foundation. It was an exceptional experience that gave me a remarkable chance to see the “business side” of non-profit work.


Sam is now back on the St. Lawrence campus, where he is getting his teacher certificate working on a Master’s degree in Education.