John Pontius '10

History Major and African Studies Minor

Since graduation in the Spring of 2010, I spent most of my time figuring out what I did NOT want to do.  Immediately after graduating,  I entered the Boston law firm of Tucker, Heifetz, and Saltzman as a paralegal.  I spent many days filing subpoenas, summarizing depositions, and assisting attorneys in preparation for litigation.   After two years, I realized the legal field was not where I wanted to launch a career and moved over to a managerial role at a CrossFit gym in Boston.  For more than a year, I oversaw the daily operations of a training staff of 6 full- and part- time trainers.  I loved my time at CrossFit, but realized I wanted to pursue a career in sales.

For almost a year, I have worked as a sales representative in the unique field of travel agent trade shows at the Travel Show Marketing Group. I was hired full-time by the company's owner, and former fitness client of mine, and spend my time selling trade booths to various travel suppliers.  I currently sells booths for three shows a year to hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and destination management boards.  

When asked about my career path since leaving St. Lawrence, I remark, "You never know where life is going to take you.  I love my current position in the travel industry, but would have NEVER guessed I'd be doing this three years after leaving SLU."

Aside from work, I love to travel, which I did at St. Lawrence during his Kenya semester abroad.   I continue to be a lover of all things history and have done many things to further my studies since leaving college.  Aside from visiting museums wherever I travel, I also joined a Freemason lodge in Boston, started a book club comprised of many recent SLU alumni in Boston, take continuing education courses in Somerville, MA and try to appreciate the great history surrounding me in Boston on a daily basis.

If you have questions about career advice after college, or living in Boston, please feel free to reach out.