Emily Gowdey-Backus '10

At St. Lawrence

Major:History and Art History

At SLU, I was a history and art history double major from Burlington, Conn.  My historical interests vary and my studies at SLU  ranged from Modern Latin America to Revolutionary Colonial America to the Pre-Industrial Middle East.  However, as a senior I chose to focus my studies on the Second World War.  I completed an honors thesis with Dr. Elun Gabriel concerning the development of a Nazi aesthetic, and how it shaped Third Reich and German World War II propaganda.

In the fall of 2008 I studied abroad in London, England and participated in a four week internship with an architectural, urban development, and planning corporation called New London Architecture.  This experience was worth its weight in gold.  Not only was I able to experience a different culture while living, and working, overseas, I developed more self-confidence.

In my senior year, I was the Arts & Entertainment editor at the Hill News and in the fall I was an intern with the university’s communications department.  I hope to become more involved in the field of journalism after graduation.


After Graduation

After graduation I spent the summer at my parent's home in Connecticut applying for jobs and volunteering at Hill-Stead Museum. In mid-August I moved to Boston where I am now looking for work and avidly following the Red Sox.