HEOP Class of 2021 Information Page

Important dates/deadlines for admitted HEOP students at St. Lawrence University

*Be sure to check your email regularly for any changes to the dates/deadlines or other important information.

April 20 & 21:     Attend the St. Lawrence University Celebration of Diversity admitted
                              student open house event (all info provided from the Office of Admissions –
                              David Babb any questions contact dbabb@stlawu.edu).

                        * this event is not required to be part of HEOP at SLU, it is HIGHLY
                          encouraged you attend.

April 20:              HEOP Information Session at the Celebration of Diversity Event where HEOP will
                              provide you with important Pre First Year Summer Session 2017 information and
                              forms. Be sure to follow through on all dates and deadlines.  

                        Additional information will be provided on the HEOP Pre First Year Summer
                        Session 2017 web page link.

May 1:                  National College Decision Day, this is the deadline of when you let us know
                              if you will attend St. Lawrence University and pay your deposit, obviously you
                              can let us know sooner but this is the national deadline.
                              If you have ANY questions or concerns, please speak to HEOP Director Bill Short
                              (wshort@stlawu.edu) or HEOP Assistant Director Erin M. Colvin 
                              (ecolvin@stlawu.edu)  or call the HEOP office and speak to one of us

May 2:                  If you did not attend an admitted student open house or the Celebration of
                              Diversity the forms and information will be sent to you at your home address.

May 9:                  In mid-May, all incoming First Year (FY) students who have paid their deposit
                              no later than May 1, will receive a paper mailing will be mailed to the student’s
                              home address the First-Year Program office with important
                              information to create your account and complete the forms online.
                              Please make certain the Admissions office has your correct home mailing
                              address.  Change of address form. Please call the FYP office at 315-229-5909
                              or Student Activities at 315-229-5757 if you have any questions.

May 21:               HEOP Summer Writing Assignment Due by 6pm. See the HEOP Pre First Year
                             Summer Session 2017 link for more information on that.

May 30:               ALL First Year Program (FYP) forms are due at St. Lawrence University are due.
                             Again, any questions, contact Erin or Bill or the First Year Program directly and
                             they will be happy to assist you.

June 1:                 Start checking your St. Lawrence University email regularly so you do not miss
                             any important SLU dates/deadlines.

June 15:               HEOP Forms due: (a self-addressed stamped envelope will be provided in mailing)
                                         • ALL St. Lawrence University Health Forms/Medical Records forms
                                         • Send in copy of Health Insurance card to Erin at ecolvin@stlawu.edu
                                         • Activity Release form • Emergency Contact Information form
                                         • Allergy and/ or Food restriction form (dietary, medical, or religious)

June 20:               Transportation Arrangements are due to Erin • Arrival to SLU (more details
                              to follow in 2nd mailing in early June)

June 28:               HEOP Pre First Year Summer Session Arrival Day

August 2:            HEOP Pre First Year Summer Session Departure Day