Help with Settling the Off-Campus Study Destination

When St. Lawrence students are interested in studying abroad, the staff of the Center for International and Intercultural Studies (CIIS) have some questions for them.

Do they want to live only with St. Lawrence students, be in a partner program, or enroll directly in a local university? Or is it the country, language or academic content that will be the deciding factor?

“Students either think they know where they want to go and want to talk about the program, or they want to go abroad and have no idea where to go,” says Kelley Lawson-Khalidi, director of off-campus programs. “We try to find a program that’s best suited each individual. I try to encourage students to go a little outside of their comfort zone.”

The numerous off-campus opportunities at St. Lawrence span the fall and spring semesters as well as Summerterm and international course components on campus. Destinations range from Denmark to Jordan, Kenya to Australia, and each program offers unique opportunities. With so many choices, it’s not surprising that almost 70% of St. Lawrence students have an off-campus study experience.

“It’s part of the fabric of the University,” says Lawson-Khalidi. “St. Lawrence is a liberal arts institution, and all of the programs are liberal arts in nature.”                      --Jasmine Wallace