Waste Management


  • Pre-Consumer Composting - Dana Dining Center diverts food scraps from meal preparation for on-site composting
  • Post-Consumer Composting - Community members can participate in composting at the Student Center and North Star Cafe; Students may request composting at their residence halls
  • Green Composting - Landscaping debris and horse manure are composted on-site
  • Composting Stats - In 2016 SLU diverted 87.5 tons of compostable material from the landfill


  • Single Stream Recycling - Recycling bins are located throughout campus and require no sorting
  • Recycling Stats - In 2016 SLU recycled 159.6 tons of recyclable materials - that's 13.3 tons per month
  • Electronics Recycling - Used electronic equipment often contains heavy metals which if not handeld properly could contaminate the environment
  • Rechargeable Battery Recycling - The NY Rechargeable Battery Act requires rechargeable batteries to be recycled; special battery recycling areas are located around campus

Landfilled Waste

  • What does not get diverted from the waste stream ends up in a landfill
  • Landfill Stats - 2016: 645.6 tons

Regulated Waste