Adirondack Semester

Adirondack Semester Informational Meeting

Come learn about the Adirondack Semester.

On-line application deadline for ADK semester is March 1.

Adirondack Semester Information Meeting

Join us to learn about the Adirondack Semester, an off-campus study opportunity.  We'll be talking about what it is, what's involved and how to apply.

Sierra Club Reports on Adirondack Semester

Sierra Club reported on St. Lawrence's Adirondack Semester in their Cool Schools issue.  Read the entire article at Sierra Club's Cool Schools website.

"Some of the students are afraid of what will happen once they leave the woods. Which is why today, in a cozy classroom yurt whose bare wooden tables and sparse bookshelves are more Little House on the Prairie than Ivy League, Adirondack Semester program director Cathy Shrady is helping 12 St. Lawrence University students brainstorm about how they'll cope with their return to the "real" world.

There's talk about slowing down, taking more walks, gathering for reunion dinners, and continuing to use "sound-cue reflection"-an exercise that involves taking three deep breaths and pausing to reflect when they hear a self-designated trigger sound (a bird's call, maybe, or a twig's snap). Some hope to reach out to the unenlightened: "Face-to-Face, Not Facebook" is the slogan they propose for a poster, or possibly a line of bumper stickers..."

Adirondack Semester Info Session

Come find out what the Adirondack Semester is all about and why you should apply!

Thursday, 2/17, 7 p.m., Newell 124 Applications for fall semester due March 1
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