Environmental Action Organization

Energy Monitoring Systems

Primary Organization: 
Environmental Action Organization (EAO)
Contact Name: 
Wes Norton
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Project Start Date: 
April 30, 2006

dorm energyOberlin College has been the envy of many University’s energy managers, sustainability coordinators, students and professors for years. Their Lucid Design’s energy monitoring dashboard allows building residents to see their energy use in real time. Discussions about how to make this project a reality at St. Lawrence began in 2006. Cost has been the largest inhibitor for SLU to have our own real time data displays. The largest problem is the lack of sub-metering on campus. All of our on campus building’s electricity use is on one of three meters, allowing for little to no clues about building use or efficiency. While many in the administration, staff, faculty and student body believe there will be significant benefits from the installation of such a system, the cost of putting a meter on each building is NOT insignificant. Meters are only one part of the system needed to make a dashboard such as Oberlin’s a reality, and in the current economic climate there is no guarantee we can find money for the additional infrastructure this project needs.

Short term goal: data analysis of cost and savings of metering only electricity in dorms
Long term goal: individual meters and real time display of electricity, heat and water for all buildings allowing for resource reduction focused behavior campaigns, better functioning of building systems and alerts to problems and opportunities for academic projects


Primary Organization: 
Environmental Action Organization (EAO)
Contact Name: 
Wes Norton
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Project Start Date: 
October 1, 2009
zipcarWhile there is knowledge that ZipCar has been considered previously for use at St. Lawrence (including as a fleet replacement) it is unclear what the result of these investigations were. A conference call was held on October 8th 2009 to obtain greater information about ZipCar’s University Program. While there are still questions to be addressed in a follow up call it seems possible that the fee structure and revenue guarantees will make it such that the program costs St. Lawrence money (which is not how the program is intended to work). Further clarification on the details of these revenue guarantees and expected use of the cars will help determine if such a project is worth proposing to the administration.

Short term goal: greater understanding of revenue guarantee and potential student use
Long term goal: reduce the number of cars that students bring to campus and promote vehicle sharing programs

Clothes Drying

Primary Organization: 
Environmental Action Organization (EAO)
Contact Name: 
Libby Nichols
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Project Start Date: 
September 1, 2007

clotheslineIn 2007 St. Lawrence renewed our washer and dryer lease for another ten years (see attached). While we now have some of the most efficient washers on campus we have the same dryers. Wanting to close the loop and make the entire laundry process more sustainable Melissa Miller, Facilities Operations, bought ten communal drying racks and placed them in residence hall laundry rooms. In fall of 2008 two students were curious as to how drying rack use could increase and if it was possible to begin to charge for drying by load, the paper from their research and survey of SLU students is attached. Another set of students has begun to address the issue of drying rack use in the fall of 2009 and given the economic climate it seems possible that strategic removal of dryers could both encourage and fund private/in room drying rack use. Cost is not the only consideration of dryer removal and laundry rack purchase we must also have broad based university support, especially from students. Although it seems we cannot without significant cost change to ‘pay by load’ dryers this question must be 100% resolved before moving forward with a plan.

Short term goal: analysis of economic feasibility of dryer removal and drying rack purchase, survey or build support among student body for such a change

Long term goal: reduce energy use of clothes drying on SLU campus and development of long term environmentally friendly laundry habits

Project Documents: 
Project Documents: 

Meeting Minutes

09/15/2009 - 09/22/2009

EAO will be split into the following sub groups for 2009-10: Energy, Waste, and Transportation

Subgroup Minutes:



Secretary: Mia Sloan  mmsloa08@stlawu.edu

a reminder just in case:
Chris- Talk to Louise about drying racks
Rosie-Sexy toothbrush posters and conserve energy stickers for next week or as soon as possible.
Dante-Find some chalk and talk to someone about weatherizing houses in Canton.

Next week we will be chalking the campus (depending on the weather). Maybe wear all black to make us look extra sketchy. EVERYONE should bring in three facts about EAO related things.

Dante found something about a 350 Walk-and-Talk in Canton but we?re not sure if it was legit or not.

Future ideas include finding out if all printing from Angel can be free and if we could come up with a way that people can "check out" drying racks.



Secretary: Levi Keszey   ljkesz09@stlawu.edu


Composting Facilities?
-Theme Houses
-Freshman Dorms

Recycle Bins?
-Double Purpose

Redeem Station?
-Beer Cans

Water Bottles to sell
Sell Mugs
Leave card to borrow mug?

Hill News

Sexy Tooth brushers
Recycling centers

Question of the meeting: Where does organic food at Dana come from??


Water cooler
Water Bottles
Mugs under CWA
Reusable Mug sign-out

Redemption Center:
Money argument with school________________Matt going to e-mail Louise Gava
Machine or EAO peoples?
Are we involved in Recyclemania 2009?

OUTDOOR RECYCLING BINS_____________________Melissa and K.C.

Sexy Toothbrusher=help with other groups, Update sexy celebrities

Talk to Dante __________________Tom and Maggie

HILL NEWS:____________________________Annie
Stack of Hill News
Sharing is fun!




Secretary: Paige Veidenheimer    apveid08@stlawu.edu

Canton Highway Project:
100 resolutions have been passed by Cantonians to implement construction
Started working on the idea in 2006
Note from Taylor..I'm not sure how accurate that info is, so we should cite some stuff. This link may be useful its to the Village of Canton Website, which has a page on the project.  


Everyone in EAO should talk with a professor or someone (at the farmer's market?) about policies surrounding the bypass

350 bike brigade:
We want to cruise around "make a difference day" groups to include them

Anti-idling Policy:
There is one at place at SLU

Canton bike and walk safe initiative:
Town has the money, but hasn't had the demand to put it into action

Working on getting a place to post permanent links on SLUWire



That is all. We have a meeting tonight in Dean Eaton, please show up especially if your group is depending on you for a task, update, etc. 



Meeting Minutes

09/08/2009 - 09/15/2009

Our first meeting was nice and short, and consisted of a brainstorm of potential actions for this acedemic year and the future. 


1. Increase involvement with Canton community 

Potential Projects for said expectations 

a. High school AP environmental science kids

b. Make a difference day w/ SUNY Canton (bike bragade)

c.  Bike rack/ Bike lane on park street?


2. Strengthen Coilitions with Other SLU Groups

a. Amnesty Int. wants to show an env. justice video!

b. American Chemical Society highway pick up


3. Strenghthen Coilitions with SUNY Potsdam, Canton and Clarkson

a. Have a gathering with all four groups? Brainstorms, work together, etc


4. Dirrect Action

a. example: Last year's "Lettuce turnip the beet" puppet

b. Pamphlets

c. Critical mass/rallies/demonstrations 


Here are all the other great ideas for this year that don't have a concrete place above. 

a. Endowement, work with investors

b. posters around campus, in bathrooms

c. Composting w/ post dana waste? and in the town houses

d. photovaultaic system for slu...Oberlin has one, we can too

e. room compost/ worm bins

f. Window shades, better insulation 

g. dorm wars: get the fyp involved and award fyp points for sustainable lifestyles 

h. recycling outside

i.  Recylce mania

j. Grant for renovation of Bewkes: Set Goals for that construction. MAKE IT MORE SUSTAINABLE THAN JOHNSON.




2009 Green Buildings Open House

Canton and surrounding towns
October 3, 2009 10:00am - 4:00pm

On Saturday, October 3, 2009 between 10 and 4, hundreds of visitors all across the North Country can tour homes, museums, and universities to see practical and sustainable solutions for our energy crisis. Whether it's solar electricity or hot water, wind energy, geothermal heating, pellet and masonry stoves, passive solar design, super insulation, or green building techniques, such as straw bale or cordwood masonry, you will find examples and experts to answer your questions on the tour.


For more information, please contact Patricia Greene at patricia@ncenergy.org or call 315-379-9466 - http://www.communityenergyservices.org/ This national tour is given in conjunction with the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association and the American Solar Energy Society.

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