Conservation Council

Conservation Council Meeting

Conservation Council is a group of students, faculty and staff who collaborate on environmental awareness and advocacy as well as working towards tangible actions with positive environmental impacts for the SLU and local communities.

ALL interested students, SLU employees, or local community members are welcome at any of our meetings.  Bring your ideas or plug into our current efforts:

  • Sending a team to the ADK Youth Climate Summit
  • Working to help incorporate permaculture design into the landscape at SLU
  • Inventorying the use of outdoor teaching spaces on campus as we work to create a walking tour of our campus' many unique environmental attributes
  • Drafting proposals for the President's Innovation Grants
  • Creating a list of environmentally focused films that we feel belong in SLU's collection-apply for Mellon Funding
  • Supporting environmentally themed events help by other groups on campus

Contact Amanda Lavigne (Committee Chair) or any of our members with questions.

Conservation Council Minutes

Conservation Council ‘10/11
Minutes 9.20.10
Present: Amanda Lavigne, Louise Gava, Rick Scott, Eric Williams-Bergen, Robby Glass, Alle Wingerter, Brad Baldwin (note taker)

1. Updates
a. Idling policy - Ok for us to publicize to campus if we'd like
b. No-mows - Tom Greene class is planning to re-landscape JHS area. Consider inviting him for an update to us
c. JHS circle drive signage - soften? Help LEED? Tom Greene update/explanation?
d. Youth Climate Summit - Nov 9/10th. Amanda & Louise will present for SLU (in part on our CAP). Invite 4-6 SLU students. Perhaps request Mellon funds to support attendance of our students + area HS students?
e. EAO Film Festival - ~200 people! Successful! $925 for donation to GardenShare, & Gulf Oil Relief
2. Semester Timeline - can CC help coordinate this info and advertise via campus emails?
a. E.g. YCS (above), OC Fall Festival, Sustainable Living Fair, deadlines for Mellon and Innovation grants, 10-10-10 (~350 day) etc.
b. Dates & other particulars on Green Pages?
3. Our possible projects
a. Walking tour of campus landscapes like no-mows, arboretum. Tap Mellon, Innovation grants?
b. Investigate/comment on the new marketing report for the Admin & Trustees? Possible to get relevant sections of report from Lisa Cania?
4. Members time
a. Robbie - improve recycling efforts on returnables? Can we harvest the possible $500K/yr in redemption value? Fund student events, organizations? Developing proposal for a campus hydration station (pay with funds above?)

Conservation Council Minutes

Conservation Council meeting 04/15/2010

Present: Louise, Matthias, Mary, Molly, Catherine, Eric.

The meeting started promptly with a discussion on the grounds forum.

After going back and forth, the title we suggest is:


(or growing?)

Eric volunteered to be the moderator,

Other discussants are:

  • Tom Greene,
  • John Greene,
  • Marcus Sherburne (Louise is going to meet with him to discuss what he plans to present)
  • _____________ community member still to be determined; female preferred.


For door prizes:

Coakley Ace donated lawn bags and 2 pairs of garden gloves

Triple A is going to donate rake or shovel (?)

Matthias and Mary are going to work on pamphlet.

Catherine is going to make flyer.


The second topic discussed was the permaculture garden.

Molly read the draft paragraph she wrote; she is going to circulate it to all members for comments.

Timeline was discussed: the proposal should be ready before summer.

Ideas suggested:

  • butterfly garden (Amanda very knowledgeable and experienced on the matter)
  • portion of garden for/by each Dept. on campus (suggested by Louise)

Growing Green: The Transition to a Sustainable Landscape

This forum will be open to the campus and Canton communities, with the goal of promoting discussion about the importance of the grounds, and the practices, policies, and care that go into making them the beautiful outdoor space we all have the privilege of enjoying every day.

Topics of discussion:

  • The importance of the grounds to those of us who live and work here
  • Perceptions of the grounds held by the surrounding Canton community
  • Sustainable landscaping endeavors implemented in the past
  • Current initiatives helping the St. Lawrence grounds become more sustainable

 Invited speakers include:

  • Marcus Sherburne, Grounds Manager, SLU
  • Dr. Tom Greene, Professor and Chair, Psychology Dept, SLU
  • Dr. John Greene, Professor Emeritus, Biology Department, SLU
  • Kathy Curro, Retired Canton School Principal/Teacher, Community Member
  • Moderator: Erik Cooper '12, Thelmo Delegate to the Conservation Council

Thanks to generous donations made by Coakley Ace Hardware and Triple A Hardware, door prizes will be given during the presentation.

Conservation Council Minutes

Conservation Council Meeting Minutes (by B Baldwin)

Apr 8, 2010

Members present: Amanda, Brad, Molly, Lindsay, Eric

Issues discussed:

1.      Grounds Forum/Panel

a.       We need a catchy, short title/tag for this (e.g. Grounds to Celebrate?, other?)

b.      Panel moderator (Erika Barthelmess) and members

                                                              i.      History - John Green

                                                            ii.      Importance to SLU - Tom Greene?

                                                          iii.      Importance to Local Community - Jon Montan?

                                                          iv.      Current Initiatives - Marcus S

c.       We need to discuss/fine tune issues with Marcus, perhaps for our next meeting, Apr 15

d.      We should give attendees a pamphlet with 10 green tips, as in email from Louise Gava

e.       Perhaps also give them a campus map with example sites that illustrate a helpful practice on campus. See if base maps exist in GIS lab or with T. Greene. If so, have Marcus add his points and we produce the pamphlets

f.       We also need to arrange advertising for the event. Perhaps as in LG email, flyers in select campus locations, Green Pages, SLU Wire, sidewalk chalk, etc. (NCPR?)

2.      Edible Garden

a.       Discussed draft memo from Molly

b.      We should refine it and mention proposal at the above Forum

c.       Involve like-minded students in Lettuce Turnip the Beet?

d.      Perhaps consult campus resources persons like M Mayer, K McKnight, A Pai, C Johns, A Lavigne, J Green

3.      Pepsi grant

a.       Amanda will email CC with possible idea before Apr 15 deadline

Conservation Council Minutes

Minutes from March 25th Meeting

Present: Molly, Rick, Catherine, Matthias, Louise, Amanda, Lindsay, Mary, Erik.

The meeting started promptly at 3 p.m.; topics discussed were:

  • The anti-idling policy

It is on hold until next week ------ waiting for approval (Louise)

  • The eatable garden.

The idea is to have edible landscaping on campus (permaculture, apple trees, raspberries...

Location suggested: the old java house (right in center of campus)

We reviewed the one page document written by Molly.

It was suggested that Cathy Shrady be invited to talk about her Zen garden (Amanda)

Molly is going to write a one paragraph on the idea of the garden.

  • The ground forum

The idea is to highlight what is done on campus about grounds sustainability.

Date: Tuesday, April 27th

Location: Hanna Room (student center, upstairs)

Louise will contact Joe Tolliver to reserve room

Guest speakers to invite on the panel:

Marcus + one (someone from the crew?).... To talk about what is being done on campus/ upcoming in terms of sustainable gardening...

John Greene (prospective on history of campus) and/ or Tom Greene (on user interface with space) or Erika Bartelemy, or Karl McKnight.

Charlotte Ramsey (as part of Canton village) or Brian Halloway or David Button (town supervisor)

Total 4-5 people, each doing a 15 mn presentation.

Write a flyer (title, date) (Catherine)

Have door prizes (Louise)

Contact Ken Alger to do posters... (Amanda)

Get pictures of grounds on campus (fall/ summer/ winter)

Ask Marcus if the time and date works for him (Rick)

  • The "tree oriented" event.

Louise talked to Tara who cannot be there to take individual pictures of people hugging a tree.

Idea: just to hang out over lunch hour, something informal about trees. Doesn't have to be a set date; just a few days before arbor day.

Take pictures of individuals hugging a tree... then have all these pictures on a slide show on PP and on website.


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