Food for Thought: Sustainable Agriculture Lecture

Brian Bennett, of Bittersweet Farm in Heuvelton, was named the New York Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA NY) ‘2014 Farmer of the Year.'  For almost a decade Bittersweet Farm has supported St. Lawrence University students learning about the principles and practicing the skills of sustainable agriculture and community building.

The Center for Civic Engagement, North Country Folk Series and the Sustainability Semester are excited to bring Brian to campus to share the keynote speech he gave at the NOFA NY winter conference in January.

In fifty minutes Brian tells, and shows, the story of his farm and his relationship to the land and community including many heartwarming and hilarious experiences he has shared with students.

"...Mike, Ben, Corey, and RJ had been coming to the farm for a couple of years.  After having read the Foxfire books, The Whole Earth Catalogs and my copy of the Little House on the Prairie series they decided to build a real log cabin.  Their parents paid for an antique crosscut saw and double bit axes....Let me tell you about Rolando.  Born and raised in New York City he is/was a self proclaimed germophobe.  He would come into the house wash his hands then wash the doorknob off to go back outside then promptly turn around, go back into the house and wash his hands again..."

This event is free and open to the public. 

Community members can locate Hepburn as number 40 on the campus map and should park in F-lot, accessed by taking a right off of Park Street (coming from town) onto Lincoln Street, followed by the first left into the parking lot.