The Great Work of Our Time

Join John Liu of the Environmental Education Media Project for his lecture "The Great Work Of Our Time"

"We live at a special moment in history. There is a coming together of information from historical, scientific and our various cultural backgrounds. The mistakes of the past are clear for all to see and the results of human greed and ignorance are apparent. A pathway opens up before us that allows us to build the type of future that we want our children and future generations to inhabit. This is both a time of risk and a time of opportunity and reaching the next era in human development requires understanding, courage and determination. We have built systems which are unfair to certain parts of the human population. We have damaged the very ecological foundation of the Earth's systems that produce, constantly filter and infinitely renew the air and water, that produce the fertile soils and the amazing biodiversity that led even to human development. We must change what we are doing to the Earth and to each other in order to move beyond selfish, materialistic and violent outcomes.

Over the past 20 years I've been on a journey of inquiry to learn what is happening and what we can do about it. Gradually it has become clear that there is a pathway that leads to sustainability. This pathway is includes understanding how the natural Earth's systems function and aligning human behavior with what the Earth is doing for all life. This pathway includes full and fulfilling employment for every human being in work that is meaningful, noble and positive. Never again will anyone need to feel bad about their work because we can all work for the benefit of the Earth and each other and this is the best way to help ourselves, our families, our countries and the all living things. This is "THE GREAT WORK OF OUR TIME".

John uses multi-media that shows what is happening in every continent to replace the inequity of the past with a new ecological age.