Hiring Student Consultants for Compost Study

As part of a University Innovation Grant the project leads are looking to hire a total of four students to assist with a compost study. Two students will be hired to develop, conduct and analyze a survey and two other students will be hired as research assistants to help develop compost best practices. Applications are due by 8am on Friday, November 2nd. Questions should be directed to Katherine Powers.

Student consultants are expected to either:

1) Two students working as part of a team will conduct a survey in the Student Center the week before Thanksgiving Break (November 12th) concerning students' behaviors regarding, knowledge of, and thoughts on composting. The questions will be left to the discretion of the student consultants, but must be approved by Marcus Sherburne before the 12th. Student(s) must meet with Christine Zimmerman as well before the 12th to employ her help in making questions more concise. Student consultant must interview pub managers about their sentiments/suggestions regarding composting and how they think composting can be integrated into the current system at the pub. Student must create a follow up poll/questionnaire regarding student response to the composting pilot. The follow-up survey will be conducted the week of December 3rd. Students who are currently enrolled in or have taken Environmental Psychology are preferred, but the course is not mandatory to apply.


2) Conduct research on the follow: composting of paper products, static composting, meat composting, and worm composting. This information will help Facilities with their move towards composting in the dining facilities on campus and should be complete before November 16th. The format of this research will be left up to the discretion of the student consultant(s) but must be thorough and concise. Student consultant(s) must also compile data from Facilities on the results of the compost pilot and create a simple, one-page information sheet to distribute to students reporting the results. This should be distributed to students during mid-February of next semester (Spring 2013).

Student Consultant will receive $125 for their work, to be received upon completion. Student consultants are expected to work on their respective tasks for approximately 10-12 hours and should not work more than 16 hours on the project.

To apply for the position, type up a short response answering the following questions by 8am Friday, November 2nd:
1. Which position are you applying for (survey or research)?
2. Why are you interested in the project?
3. Why do you feel this initiative to compost on campus is important?

Please send your response to the following: msherburne@stlawu.edu, lgava@stlawu.edu, and kdpowe10@stlawu.edu