Offsetting Carbon Emissions: a panel discussion

As part of SLU’s forum “Climate Change: We’re All in It Together” Mark LaCroix, Executive Vice President of the CarbonNeutral Company, Stephen Bird, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Clarkson University and Martin Heintzelman, Associate Professor at the School of Business at Clarkson University will explain how carbon emissions can be offset with carbon reducing ventures.

Carbon offsets are a form of trade in which a person or business pays some other party to make reductions in carbon emissions.  In theory this results in offsetting the emissions of the buyer, so that the climate is no worse for their travel, manufacturing, or whatever.  Speakers at this panel will explain the idea, discuss how well it works in practice, and help you find out how to buy reliable carbon offsets

Mark LaCroix is a LEED Accredited Professional who has worked extensively with standards and certifications. He was instrumental in development of the Terratex brand of sustainable textile products. Stephen Bird is assistant professor of political science at Clarkson University. He specializes in energy and environmental politics, social and policy networks, and U.S. politics. His research addresses energy policy, policy networks, electricity governance, environmental risk, social justice and movement politics. Martin Heintzelmann is an assistant professor of economics and financial studies at the Clarkson University School of Business, and director of the Clarkson University Center for Canadian Studies.

The Climate Change Forum is sponsored by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
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