Meeting Minutes

It looks like the new meeting time will work for most everyone. Therefore, we will be meeting again at 7pm in Sykes formal lounge on Wednesday. AND please, if you absolutely can not make the new time, email back so that we know and can work on that issue.

Last Wednesday we had our first meeting under the new administration! For now we are going to keep our original sub-groups they are: facilities, lifestyles and climate change. We are trying to become more active! So everyone who found something to do for their sub-group, get it done. Also, if you can find the time, take a look at the green pages so we can all be more efficient in our ideas and actions.

-new time = Wednesday 7pm sykes formal lounge
-accomplish your sub-group task
-go on the green pages. check it out!
-as always, talk to peeps about what we are doing

Things for the calendar:
-03/28/09 lights out hours
-04/24-25/09 SUNY-Canton energy fair
-04/24-26/09 Spring Fest

Have a great week!
Taylor (co-secretary)