Rechargeable Battery Disposal

Effective December 5, 2011, it is no longer legal to throw out rechargeable batteries with your trash.  Batteries such as rechargeable AA's, rechargeable power tool and laptop batteries, small sealed lead-acid batteries and others are included in the ban. 

Brewer Bookstore is one place you may bring your rechargeable batteries for recycling.  A collection box has been set up at the bookstore cashier counter.  Be sure to place each battery in its own plastic baggy (available at the collection site) before putting it in the box (Batteries must be in separate baggies because of Department of Transportation Rules; loosely packaged spent lithium batteries have caused fires during shipping and storage.)  Instructions are posted on the collection box.  Any person may drop off up to 10 rechargeable batteries per day.

To see examples of rechargeable batteries visit Call2Recycle.