Chocolate Presentation/Tasting Sign-ups

Join representatives from Kallari Chocolate for a presentation about the chocolate making process, sustainability, the impacts of the chocolate industry on the Ecuadorian economy and an organic chocolate tasting.

To attend the November 15th event (7pm in Hepburn auditorium) you must R.S.V.P. in the Student Center Wednesday Oct. 26th-Friday Oct. 28th 11-2.   

Kallari is an indigenous Kichwa association of small cocoa growers in the Ecuadorian Amazon that has gained international exposure for their launch of their own line of gourmet dark chocolate bars throughout the United States and Scandinavia. This educational and sensory stimulating lecture helps you learn to distinguish chocolate notes, discern roasting techniques and recognize origins. Participants will savor gourmet chocolates from around the world during the session, meanwhile developing sensory control of the palate and texture identification. The audience will gain familiarity with the numerous stages in cocoa production and bean preparation from an Amazon cocoa grower. Then, an experienced chocolatier will share about the regional flavors of cocoa beans, the process involved in chocolate making, and the economic impact of the world's third most important commodity. Chocolate bars processed nearby the cocoa groves will be matched up against the top rated leading gourmet, fair trade, and organic dark chocolates in a blind tasting that will challenge even experienced chocoholics.